Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoo is the old practice that today’s modern generation are adopting for the body painting. Creation of henna tattoos was popular on the weddings and festivities but now it became a fashion rage not just in United States but throughout all the world.Unlike ink tattoos, henna tattoo are much popular. no pain, discomfort, temporary tattoos, no health risk is the main reason behind its popularity. Henna tattoo is prepared from the organic materials so it is cheaper than the ink tattoos. Henna tattoo last on the hand for 4 to 6 weeks when done properly.

Application of the henna tattoos is also very easy with the availability of the easy-to-use Henna Pens. Every single person can create any designs of his choice on the hand.Nowadays many henna tattoo design books or catalogs are available in the market. Some people prefer the pre-made henna tubes and some of them prefer to prepare it by their own way.

When it comes to the henna designs they are very simple to create. You can change the henna designs every month, week because it does not last on the hands for the long time. If your profession deems tattoos to be improper, you can still enjoy having one with henna tattoos. You can get a henna tattoo on your vacation and be confident that it would no longer be visible by the time you return to work. Henna designs are rich with color. Henna designs artists have a complete portfolio of designs so that the other person can easily choose from. Choose any one you like and artist create it on your hand.

Arabian style:

Arabian style is considered to be the latest henna design. This design is all about thick henna layers that is used for making different patterns. If you are looking for a design which is less filled up, then you should go for this design. Bridals mostly prefer this design because it look very beautiful and different on the hands.One can make the Arabian henna design more stunning with some modification. Flowers and other unique henna hand designs are also popular in 2015. You have to take the professional services to make this design because flower mehndi art is very delicate and demand hard work to create it.

latest wedding mehndi designs 2015:

Looking for the latest wedding mehndi designs 2015? Mostly wedding mehndi designs consist of the stunning designs like floral, cut and mutual shapes, and peacock design. Bridals normally applied these designs on different body parts like full hands and arms, legs and neck. Tikka mehndi design is one of the best mehndi designs when we talk about the wedding mehndi art. This design is normally applied on the back of the hand and looks very attractive, unique and fabulous and famous among eastern to western women’s. Black mehndi design is also popular for the wedding function. This design is normally applied on the whole hand and glitter and the other shiny material is being used to make it more attractive.

if you want to get exact ideas about wedding makeup with wedding henna designs you should check some informative stuff on different beauty blogs.

Therefore, if you are a future bride then you will definitely prefer and love the above mentioned wedding mehndi designs. Mehndi is considered to be the most important thing of the wedding, religious occasions.

Henna Tattoos   are hundreds of different designs of elegant Arabic style henna tattoo stencils using which you can make henna designs any time, any where by yourself. Now no need to travel to a henna parlor or wait long for appointment with a beautician. Order the stencils you like from the vast collections from our website for delivery to your door steps . All you need to have is henna cone of your choice. Just apply the henna from cone in the stencil gaps of the sticker and wait to get dry. Remove the dried henna along with the sticker, professional Arabic henna style henna tattoo will be ready in your hand.

Feel like trying ??? Don’t wait much long , just order one or two and try it yourself, we bet you gonna love it ….. And of course don’t forget to share with us henna tattoo pics and compliments you got, that’s what keeps us inspiring to create new designs….



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