Top 5 Best Homemade Natural Beauty Products

Top 5 Best Homemade Natural Beauty Products

Top 5 Best Homemade Natural Beauty Products

Top 5 Best Homemade Natural Beauty Products. It is fact that no one from us wants to spend that much money on facial products, many people are looking for ideas that will let them to prepare natural beauty products at their home place, have a look at the below written piece of writing that will tell you some of the recopies to prepare these natural products by sitting at home!

You can have a homemade deodorant that will act as natural beauty product for your face! I order to make it; you need coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, vitamin E oil and some essential oil. Than have to add 1 part coconut oil, 2 parts baking soda, 2 parts corn starch and a drop or two of oil, mix all of them and get a natural beauty product prepared right at your home place.

You can also make lotion of coconut oil! Yes, it is a fact that coconut oil as an efficient and effective moisturizer. This oil will clear your complexion and give you a glow skin. It also act as a natural antimicrobial agent.

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You can also have a No-Poo method! This method will act as a natural beauty product for your hairs. In order to prepare this homemade shampoo, you have to mix 1 table spoon of baking soda into 1 cup of warm water and spread the solution evenly all over on your hair. You have to start at the scalp and then work your way to the roots. Make sure that the massaging should be done in a correct way. After this, apply a 1:1 dilution of apple cider vinegar in water, rub this solution on your hair and see the difference!

You can also prepare aloe vera gel that will be effective for your hairs at your home place! Take this product from any shop, mix it with water and pour it in some spray bottle. Use it as a hairspray and you will notice that your hairs are getting shiner day by day.

You can also prepare homemade toothpaste! You need to have baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint and xylitol. Than have to mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part of melted coconut oil and then add xylitol. Combine all of them to form a thick paste, store it in a sealed jar and you are all good to go!

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