How To Do An Easy Updo

How To Do An Easy Updo

How To Do An Easy Updo

From toddler recitals to box seats at the ballet, updos make women of every age feel special. It’s hard to say if it’s the process of being pampered or the feeling that something amazing is on the way, but just the thought of that special hairstyle can bring on the butterflies. It’s great fun to flip through magazines and scroll through Pinterest to find special occasion hair styles, but out of thousands of choices, How To Do An Easy Updo and  how do you decide which one is best?

We’ve collected a few tips on updos for hair to consider:

Planning Updos For A Special Occasion

  • Prettiness is only a starting point when choosing your updos, practicality is the second thing to look at. Decide if you are looking for styles you can do yourself or if you can splurge on a trip to the salon. This will help set the level of difficulty for your choices.
  • When going to the hairdresser, make your appointment as soon as you have a firm date for your event. Weaving in accessories, making time for complex techniques, and updos using clip in hair extensions are all requests that have solutions. The key is planning and communication.
  • If you need a haircut, waxing, or color before your event, get that done a few days earlier so you have time to get used to the new you. Heaven forbid anything goes wrong; you want time to deal with any issues. It’s not the time to cover your grays with color from the dollar store.

Work The Angles

  • Check if your favorite updo will complement your outfit and accessories. Will you be wearing contacts or glasses? A hat or veil can be lovely, but definitely shuffles the deck when deciding on a style. The same goes for a sparkling tiara.
  • Keep in mind which special occasion hairstyles work with the shape of your face. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face and even features, any style will look good. If you want to draw attention to or from certain features, talk over styles with your friends or hairdresser so you can enjoy your event with confidence.

Plan A Hairstyle To Compliment The Event

  • A bohemian updo could be loads of fun for a casual outdoor wedding, where a formal updo sends the message that you are out of touch with your surroundings or worse, unintentionally outshining the bride. On the other hand, a fresh messy updo could be fun for a night out with friends but all wrong for a black tie evening.
  • For a themed event be certain that your hairstyle won’t be misunderstood. For example, despite good intentions, a gorgeous updo for long cornrows at an Aid to Africa event might be considered in poor taste if cornrows are not your normal style.
  • Remember external elements. If an event is outdoors factor in the likelihood of humidity or wind. Do you expect to be chilly while sitting in a draft or get warm and wild dancing?

Let go of the stress, enjoy the anticipation, Haircut Inspiration, and get ready for glamorous fun!


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