How To Get A Salon Worthy Blowout At Home

    Hair Dryer With Enough Power

    Are you having trouble achieving a smooth blowout? Here are a few tips to help you achieve a fast and salon style blowout at home.

    Know Where To Focus The Heat

    You’ll dry your hair faster if you focus on the areas which need the most attention. The sections of hair which generally retain more water and take longer to dry include the roots,  back of your head and bottom layers. The front sections and ends tend to dry fastest.

    Pick A Hair Dryer With Enough Power

    If you hair that is difficult to manage consider using a blow dryer with at least 1800 watts of power.  More heat is required in order to straighten long and thick hair.

    Protect Your Hair With A Heat Protectant Spray

    Using a heat protectant spray is a must if you blow dry and heat style hair frequently. Repeated exposure to heat styling can leave hair dry, damaged and prone to breakage. Heat thermal sprays work to protect your hair and keep it shiny.

    Lock Your Style With A Cool Shot Button

    Most dryers come with a cool shot button designed to lock your style in place. Once you’re finished styling a section of hair blast it with a cool shot of air in order to set it it. This will make your blowout last longer.

    Remove Excess Water With A Microfiber Towel

    Your hair will take longer to dry if you start drying it soaking wet. Microfiber towels absorb more water than traditional towels and less likely to cause damage due to their soft texture.

    Pick The Right Hair Dryer & Attachments

    If you have curly or wavy hair that means using a diffuser attachment in order to dry your locks. If you have normal hair use a concentrator nozzle in order to direct airflow for a smoother appearance. Not using the concentrator may result in more frizz and flyaways. Not sure which hair dryer is right for your hair? Shop Hair Dryers provides hair dryer reviews in order to help you find the best hair dryer for your needs.

    Use A Vented Ceramic Brush

    A vented brush will allow for more airflow resulting in a faster blow dry. The ceramic coating will also help to style hair.

    Use The Right Finishing Products

    Use a finishing spray in order to enhance your new blowout. Finishing products go beyond hair sprays. Try a texturizing spray in order to achieve a sexy tousled “piecey” look. Volumizing sprays can give your blowout a boost.













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