Iconic Female Fashion Designers


 Female Fashion Designers

Over time there have been several women fashion designers but there are some who have left and are still leaving a powerful impact in the fashion world with their revolutionary and iconic designs that have become timeless in style. Let’s have a look at a few powerful and impact full designs that have left an incredible mark in the fashion world.here is collection of Iconic Female Fashion Designers.

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Coco Chanel

Who was she?

Coco Chanel was born in 1883 as Gabriella Bonheur Chanel in France. She lived in an orphanage when her mother died. Her father was a peddler. She was taught sewing by nuns, which was a skill that would lead to her career as a fashion designer. She was known for simple yet chic designs paired with fashion accessories like a string of pearls. You can buy fashion accessories online from Esybuy.com for a variety.

Her iconic designs                       

Coco Chanel is synonymous with the little black dress and the collarless jacket and form fitting skirt. In the 1920 she introduced the hugely popular Chanel suit with form fitting skirt and collarless jacket. Her design was unique because it borrowed men’s wear and with its introduction, women were no longer constrained with uncomfortable corsets.

Her next invention, the little black dress was innovative because she took black colour that was associated with mourning and transformed it into chic and style in the evening wear. Her timeless pieces are even popular today.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Who was she?

Diane Von Furstenberg was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1946. She was born to wealthy Jewish parents. Her mother was a Nazi concentration camp survivor and thus raised her to be confident and have a sense of self-worth. She had a privileged upbringing and attending schooling in Switzerland, England and Spain. She married the heir to the Fiat automobile fortune, Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg.

Her iconic designs

Diane Von Furstenberg is immensely popular and well known for creating the wrap dress for working women.

Dona Karan

Who was she?

Donna was born as Donna Ivy Faske in 1948 in New York. She made an impression by bring New York chic into the mainstream. At age 14 she dropped out of school and started retailing cloth at a local boutique. In 1968 Karan joined Parson School of Design in New York City. She did an internship with Anne Klein and her work was so impressive that she was promoted to associate designer.

Her Iconic designs

She stands out from the lot of women fashion designers because she identified with the real women and her designs embody that. She also voted for the first female president in 1992 and most importantly she designed for the real woman not the size zero.

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