15 Perfect Kristen Stewart Hairstyles Pictures And Look Book


Kristen Stewart is well known for her role as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. Kristen got the starring role on the screen when she was very young, so she is one of those who are children stars.

We love the romantic story as well as the actress, Kristen Stewart in The Twilight films. Here we pick up some of her hair looks for you. Check them out now.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Braided Hairstyle
Kristen Stewart wears a super stylish hairstyle for her look. She combines flowing locks with braided hair knots. The hair needs several steps to finish. First, you should sweep an uneven side part and create a deep side part to obscure the face. Second, you can make the braided knots aside. Finally, don’t forget to apply some hair productions.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Amber Hair
Kristen Stewart styles her long hair in an elegant curly ‘do. She pushes her amber tresses into a side covering a part of her face in order to create a more female look. To recreate the look, you can try out the color you love, but you can be as sassy as the film star wearing an amber hair.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Side Sweep
Kristen Stewart pulls all the locks into one shoulder. The brown locks are falling like cascades, so it brings a sleek look. To try out the hair, you can sweep a side parting first and use the right hair productions to keep the glossy look.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Wavy Hair
Kristen Stewart wows us with her wavy hair ‘do. The hair looks a bit wild by being teased in a fluffy way. Kristen Stewart tucks a side parting behind her ear to show her beautiful face. If you want to copy the look, don’t forget to push the bangs up.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Deep Side Part
It’s another side swept curls for Kristen Stewart’s long hair. The hair works very well with her orange make-up. If you have heavy waves like Kristen Stewart’s, you will have no hesitation to style the hairstyle.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Wavy Haircut for Thick Hair
Kristen Stewart creates a super stylish side part for her curly hair. The hair is curled in subtle waves that add more movement to her youthful look.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Updo
We can’t tell whether Kristen Stewart’s hairstyle is an updo or a ponytail, we should say that it’s a successful combination of these two things. The hair can bring a fresh and sassy look for any women.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Classic Updo
Kristen Stewart teases her locks and twists a classic bun for the look. To complement the look, she adds a metal accessory to the bun. When you style a bun, you can pair it with such an accessory as well.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Braided Updo
Kristen Stewart’s braided updo is shiny not only in the auburn hue, but also in the style. Kristen Stewart makes a braid round her crown and twists the rest locks at her nape. She also leaves some strands down to silhouette the face.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Pinned Updo
Kristen Stewart completes her outfit with a bobby pinned updo which can open up her face and enlighten the make-up.

Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyles 2016: Messy Updo with Strands
Kristen Stewart wears a messy updo with strands rounding the face. The hair reveals her face as much as possible to give her a bright look.


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