How to Master the Art of Creating Bold Lips

Bold Lips

The biggest and most popular beauty statement in fall is bold lips. Creating bold lips is a great and easy way to add sophistication and drama to any look. It is a sexy, trendy alternative to smoky eyes and great for shaking things up. Bold lips sound fun and fashionably forward, but just in theory.

Admit it, we have all been there – channeling our inner Taylor Swift only to end up looking like you stabbed yourself in the chin. While lipstick is a great tool to glam up any outfit, it can be a bit tricky. Believe it or not, pulling off dark lipstick isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is master some easy tricks and you can be well on your way to sporting sexy bold lips. Here’s what you have to do:

Always prep before creating bold lips

This is the most important step in creating the perfect bold lips and making sure the color stays. It’s the cornerstone of perfect lip makeup and shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. No need to worry, it’s not hard at all and you will be doing it in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is exfoliate your lips to remove any chapped and dry, flaky skin. This will make sure your lips are smooth and are a perfect canvas for your lipstick. Also, apply a lip balm after exfoliating and allow it to sink in your lips for 5-10 minutes before blotting your lips with a tissue to remove any excess balm.


Using concealer on your lips will create an even, neutral canvas for your lipstick to get the best color. A concealer designed for under the eye is a great formula since it’s creamy and reflective, so it can highlight effectively.

Define with lip liner

It’s now time to use a lip liner to outline the area you will apply the lipstick on. Use the same color as your lipstick or one shade darker if you want to make your lips pop even more. Also, try to stay as close to your natural lip line as possible or else you will risk looking fake. Once you have created the outline, fill in the outline with the liner to make the lipstick hold longer.

Color comes from the tube

You will get the most color by applying lipstick from the tube or pencil. If you feel you can be more precise and are more confident with a lip brush, go for that.

Set the look with blotting paper

Blotting paper is great for setting the color. When you blot the lipstick, you are setting the pigment into your lips. After blotting, reapply your lipstick and blot it again. The more you do this, the more pigment will get into the lips so it won’t come off during the day or night. To test it, you can try kissing the back of your hand and if it doesn’t leave a mark, you are good to go!

Make it more intense with powder

This is a pro tip that will not only help make your lip color stronger and more vibrant, but also help it last longer. Apply a thin layer of light-reflecting pressed powder between coats for a final setting.

Balance the rest of your makeup

You need to create dimension and balance with the rest of your face when going for bold lips. To do so, keep the rest of your makeup minimal and simple. Starting with a great complexion is important. Skip the blush, remove the redness by using a tinted moisturizer, do a contour, and brows should be groomed but natural-looking. Doing a defined eye is the most doable for people trying bold lips for the first time since it is the most balancing.

Avoid lipstick on the teeth

To make sure your lipstick doesn’t stain your teeth, put your finger inside your lips and gently pull it out. This will remove the excess lip color onto your finger so that it doesn’t get on your teeth.

Go brighter for thin lips

Dark lip colors, whether sheer or not, can make thin lips look thinner and draw the bad kind of attention to them. It’s better to avoid dark colors altogether and go for brighter or neutral colors. You can still use reds, but just make sure it’s a brighter one.

Bring backup

To get the perfect bold lips, you will have to put in some effort and be prepared for some touchups. Even long wear lipsticks have a limit and they can get dull and dry. Bring your important tools with you so that you can maintain your look. You may only have to carry the lip shade with you as once the liner is set, you will only have to touch up the middle. You could also bring a retractable brush loaded with a little concealer to correct or retouch your look.


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