Model Your Hairstyle According to Celebrity Hairstyles!

Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles are expected to be fashionable and even trend setting. Whenever a new hairstyle is seen on a celebrity, it is almost certain that it is a new trend in fashion which almost everyone is bound to follow. In fact, lots of people look at celebrity hairstyles when they need inspiration for a new haircut or hairstyle. However, not all celebrity hairstyles are so easy to replicate. It may be easy for them, though, since they have access to the top hairstylists and the money to buy only the best hair products and treatments available. If you are wondering about the latest hairstyle that is in vogue these days, a good place to start would be to look at celebrity hairstyles.

However, before replicating any celebrity hairstyle you see, you need to keep some important points in mind.

Do you have a team of hairstylists on hand to fix your celebrity hairstyles at a moment’s notice?

If not, then you should not keep your expectations high and assume your hairstyle will remain looking neat and wonderful throughout the day. Most celebrity hairstyles require a lot of work to keep it looking magnificent and sometimes, it has to be fixed every now and then. If you really like the look of a certain celebrity hairstyle, ask your hairstylist how much work is required to reach the end result. Then, check whether you have enough time to spend on blow drying, straightening, curling, sculpturing or doing any other process required to create that hairstyle. For example, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle requires two sets of conditioning to straighten the hair, followed with forming gel and still serum, and ending with the usage of a flat iron. If you don’t have so much time to spend on this type of routine, go for a look that seems amazing but doesn’t require a lot of time and fuss to make it look fantastic.

Does the celebrity hairstyle flatter your face shape?

A hairstyle will look fabulous on certain face shapes, but unattractive on others. It may look absolutely stunning on Jennifer Lopez, but it may not do wonders for you. Therefore, it is extremely important that you make sure the hairstyle you have set your heart on will suit your face shape. Keep your attractive facial characteristics in mind and choose a hairstyle accordingly.

Oval Face Shape

Julia Roberts and Jennifer Joanna Aniston have this face shape. People with oval face can wear their hair at any length, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Round Face Shape

Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet have round faces. A short hairstyle swept back from the face will give you more fullness and stature.

Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape

Kirstie Allery and Gwyneth Paltrow shaped faces look great with medium or short hair. Bangs also suit people with this face shape to soften their face. However, you should avoid long hair at all costs since it will make your long face look longer.

Square Face Shape

Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore are just two celebrities with this face shape. Short and medium length hairstyles are perfect for people with a square face shape. Regardless of the length of your hair, you can never go wrong with a layers and waves haircut since it will help soften your face’s lines.

Heart Face Shape

Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashley Judd have a heart face shape and look great with chin length or long hair. However, you should absolutely stay away from short hair since it will only highlight the roundness of your face, instead of narrowing it.

Triangular Face Shape

Kathy Ireland shaped faces should either wear their hair short or tie it at the nape.

Diamond Face Shape

Katherine Hepburn and Linda Evangelista kind faces can wear their hair at any length and still look fabulous.

Is your hair type suited to the celebrity hairstyles you want to flaunt?

Some celebrity hairstyles are created by using a flat iron to get a straight look. If you want to flaunt celebrity hairstyles that are completely straight and your hair has a natural curl, it will take a long time to make it completely straight! Similarly, if you want romantic, long curls and your hair doesn’t have a single wave in it, you would have to curl your hair regularly or have a salon semi-perm. Search for celebrity hairstyles that will suit your hair type for easy styling.

Celebrity hairstyles are changing continuously. What was a trend just a while ago has been changed to something completely new. Use the internet to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion style. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to the latest styles. Compare what these sites say and using what you know about your hair and face shape, find a hairstyle that is both trendy and allow you to look fabulous.


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