8 Nail Polish Styles According to your Personality

clear nail polilsh

Do you know that your personality can even be evident through your Nail Polish Styles and colors as well? If you are not known with this fact then we are sure that this article will be appearing out as quite interesting for all the readers and especially for the women in current Fashion trends. Do you want to want to know that what your nails say about you?

So here we will going to mention 8 Nail Polish Styles and would even be highlighting that what they actually reveal out about the personality. You must also checkout 20 Outstanding And Remarkable Hairstyles.

Different Nail Polish Styles

1) Neon

On the first we have Neon color shades. Such colors reveal out that the particular personality of the women is just to carry out with the party happenings and groove up on the dance floors.

2) Dark Nail

If the women are making the choice of dark nail colors then her personality is quite mysterious and unknown for majority of the people. In simple she is suspicious.

3) Graphic Nail

Graphic nail art reveals out that the person is quite creative and artistic in his life.

4) Grey Color

Grey color is for being chic and stylish. Soft gray color also unveils the soft nature of the women.

5) Red Color

Red color is all about the hotness. With the help of red color you can implicate out your sissy and fashionable look.

6)Flora Nail

Floral nail color is the definition of sweetness, polite and totally responsible ones. It is one of the most wanted nail color shades for the young women.


7) Glitter Nail

Teenage girls make the choice of carrying out with the glitter nail color shades for fun and making their personality interesting for others.


8) Pink Nail

Pink nail color shade is all about innocence and sweetness.

If you are painting your nails right now then make sure that what your nail color is saying about your personality.


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