6 Natural Looking Celebrities You Would Never Guess Use Botox

6 Natural Looking Celebrities You Would Never Guess Use Botox

6 Natural Looking Celebrities Who Use Botox

Facial fillers and Botox are incredibly popular in Hollywood because they are a great way to shave years off your face without going under the knife – if your plastic surgeon knows what he’s doing, that is.

1. George Clooney

When fillers are placed on the fullest part of the cheeks, they give a natural supple look, which also lifts other features, such as the jaw line and corners of the mouth.

Natural Looking George Clooney

2. Ryan Seacrest

The TV host likes to shrug off plastic surgery rumors.

Natural Looking Ryan Seacrest

3. Amy Poehler

The funny mom of two looks gorgeous and fresh-faced at 41.

Natural Looking Amy Poehler

4. Naomi Watts

The 44-year-old mom has said, “There are days I feel I’m 100 years old and I’m an inch away from doing something.”

Natural Looking Naomi Watts

5. Jennifer Lopez

Guida suspects JLo has had some subtle filler help, specifically around her lips.

Natural Looking Jennifer Lopez

6. Sophia Vergara

The just turned 40-year-old has been open about her plans for a breast lift.

Natural Looking Sophia Vergara


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