Natural Oils to Get a Healthy-Looking Skin

Natural Oils to Get a Healthy Looking Skin

Natural Oils to Get a Healthy Looking Skin

Natural oils are taking over moisturizers rapidly, they say. Since all oils are natural, more and more females are opting for them rather than off the rack moisturizers for their skins. You will be surprised at just the amount of ailments and issues oils can help alleviate from your system. Plant oils are great for imitating your skin’s sebum (oily substance which is secreted by sebaceous glands) and help the skin stay protected, lubricated and retain its natural moisture for long. These natural oils are way too essential to keep your skin looking youthful and nourished for a long time.

Here’s a list of natural oils which are great for hydrating your skin and also targeting specific skincare problems.

Natural Oils as Moisturizers

Argan Oil

This oil traces its roots back to the traditional culture in Morocco. It gets absorbed into the skin beautifully and leaves a satin finish without any oily residue. This is a very lightweight hydrator and can be used on face, body and even on hair. Also, argan oil is a natural anti-aging agent. It has molecular proteins which tighten the skin and increase oxygenation along with nutrients in the skin cells. These natural oils are for all skin types too.

Coconut Oil

Women in the Caribbean and the sub-continent actually swear by coconut oil for shiny lustrous hair. It is also great for protecting skin against harsh rays of the sun and also for healing chapped lips because it’s a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial oil, and doubles up excellently as a moisturizer too. It has the ability to penetrate hair better than other oils and doesn’t even smell too. Raw, virgin coconut oil has higher level of skin beneficial nutrients and it works wonders for scars too. If you want to heal skin from within, you can also use the food grade version of coconut oil.

Marula Oil

This oil is the secret to that fantastic glow on the face of Kenyan women. They never seem to age and this oil might be the reason why. It’s high in all the essential fatty acids needed by the body and it protects the skin against dehydration. This all-natural oil is again very light textured and deflects free radicals in the environment to prevent and reduce signs of skin damage.

Pomegranate Oil

The fruit is not only yummy to eat, but also has amazing levels of antioxidants which work great against fine lines, wrinkles and also work to brighten skin tone. Pomegranate oil is great for dry skin types and helps age spots, hyper pigmentation and also acne flare ups.  These natural oils are great for healing scars and also don’t clog pores and help clear the blemish prone skin type.

Jojoba Oil

This oil is great for soothing irritated skin and prevents moisture loss. It comes from the seeds of a shrub in Sonoran Desert and is great for dry or matured skin types. Jojoba oil is also great for acne and sunburn skin. You can use these natural oils on your hair or body for amazing skincare regimes.


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