New Braid Hairstyle Tutorial for Girls

bridal hairstyle

New braid hairstyle tutorial for girls. In this post we will be going to have a step by step discussion about the method of making stunning looking simple braids for girls. This tutorial will going to appear as quite helpful for you for grabbing with alluring braids creation. Braids have always been named as one of the most favorite choice of hairstyles in the girls and brides as well. This is even named as “Dutch Hairstyle”.

 In the very starting you should brush the hairs for getting them free from all the knots. Make sure that your hairs are just in the shape of across the top of your head and high at the back. You have to start the braid across the top of your head so start low as just behind your ear and start with a 2 inch section of hair.

Braid Hairstyle Tutorial:

Now you have to divide the hairs into three sections. In the crossing portion just cross the left under the middle, then the right under the left. On the next section, add in hair from the front from your hairline. Now keep crossing the sections under and adding in hair from both sides.

Make sure that when you are braiding at the back side the hairs should be in the sit position. Now in the end you have to secure the end with small clear hair elastic.

Hairstyle for Girls:








So all the girls out there just follow the steps carefully and we are sure that you will be going to love this hairstyle!



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