New, Non-Boring Ponytails to Up Your Ponytail Game

High and Fluffy

Just pull your hair back away from your face and secure with an elastic. Ponytails are the go-to hairstyles when you want to go to the gym, when you want to beat the heat or when you are just having a bad hair day. However, wearing ponytails the same way as you did in elementary school just makes everything so boring. There’s nothing more outdated than wearing the same ponytails style for years on end. Since we love keeping our look fresh and exciting, here are some unique and fabulous ponytails hairstyles. Celebrities have already shown how beautiful these ponytails look, so why don’t you try them too?

Exciting New Ponytails Hairstyles

Long and silky

Beyoncé’s long and silky ponytail polishes her personal style. It’s better that you don’t try this look if you have curly hair and don’t have a lot of patience with flatirons. To get this look, apply some styling wax from your roots to your ends, which will make your hair shine, provide grip and smoothen flyaways. Finish the look with a ponytail at your nape, wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic and straightening the tail.

Wound down

This side pony with a few loose pieces framing the face has a kind of bohemian feel to it. To start, mist hair with a texturizing spray. Then, set aside a small section of hair, make a pony from the rest of the hair and wrap the section of hair around the base to the middle of the pony, securing it in place with a small elastic and a few pins.

Teased crown

Whenever you tease the hair on your crown, it becomes much fancier than before. To get this look, tease the crown and apply a little hairspray. Then, brush it all back into a ponytail, secure and loosely curl the ends of your tail to give it a subtle flip.

Fringe-framed ponytails

Although this ponytail is very similar to the classic ponytails, it is really shiny which dresses it up. The fringe is the focus of these types of ponytails hairstyles. To make the hairstyle even more elegant, blow dry your bangs with a round brush and use large Velcro rollers to set them. If you don’t have time for blow drying and Velcro rollers, simply use a flatiron and slightly turn the bangs away from your face at the ends. Lightly tease the roots, then secure the ponytail back and mist with an aerosol shine spray, which will create a lustrous sheen that looks natural.

High and fluffy

This is a flirtatious ponytails look, perfect for date nights. Create a feminine bounce by curling your hair with a 1-inch curling iron before making a ponytail. If you don’t want to deal with curly hair while making a ponytail, you can curl the ends after securing your ponytail. For the ponytail, just tease the crown, gather your hair at the top and secure with an elastic. You can open up the ponytail and make it fuller with your fingers and lightly teasing the base.

Sleek and parted

One of the most popular hairstyles this season is the sleek and side-parted look. This ponytails hairstyle combine both of these looks to keep your ponytail trendy and chic. With just a little styling cream, this simple style has been turned into an edgy look. Before securing a low ponytail, apply a smoothing cream through your strands to make sure your frizzies and flyaways are all smoothened. Also, add some gloss to make the hair shine and give it that wet look that is so popular these days. As far as the side part goes, keep it deep and position it just above your brow arch, which will beautifully balance your face.

Light and airy

This bedhead ponytails look is the perfect combination of sexy and effortless. The best part about this no-fuss style is that it works with any texture so no matter what type of hair you have, you can try this beautiful look. To create light and airy ponytails like the one shown above, it’s best to work with at least a day-old hair since it will provide the grip and texture required. Start with applying dry shampoo to the roots of your hair, which will help remove flatness and grease from your hair. Then, gather your hair up into a ponytail and gently use your fingers to give a disheveled and airy look to the top of your hair. There is no right way to do this, so just play around with your hair till you get the look you want and secure the ponytail.

Beachy boho beauty

To get this beachy boho ponytails look, you need some texture so use your favorite sea salt spray when your hair is still damp and let it dry. Then, use your fingers to gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure the ponytail. Finish it off with a dry hairspray.


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