Guide To Achieve Perfect Beachy Waves At Home

    Blake Lively: Guide To Achieve Perfect Beachy Waves At Home

    Everybody loves the beachy wave hairstyle. Without a doubt, it’s referred to as one of the easiest and most fuss-free hairstyles in the world. However, that’s just in theory. This is because, in reality, the beachy wave hairstyle requires a little technique and some finessing to get the look just right. Unless you are born lucky and you have the hair already.  Because it’s an all season’s hairstyle, it’s important that you know just the right techniques to get that beachy wave perfected in your hair and then go out to flaunt it with all your confidence. Here’s a guide to achieve perfect beachy waves, by celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan. This guide is your key to better looking beachy wave that goes well with just about anything you decide on wearing.

    Guide To Achieve Perfect Beachy Waves At Home

    The four super easy ways of replicating the beachy wave hairstyle at home include:

    The hair mousse trick for the beachy wave hairstyle

    Here, you’ll need to start with some hair mousse. The mousse helps hold the wave in your hair as the hairs go from wet to dry. You need to apply the ideal amount of hair mousse which can be determined by judging the hair and its distance to the scalp vs. the ends. Dispense a little amount of hair mousse into your hands and then lightly rub your palms together. Then, rather than rubbing your hair mousse coated palms over your scalp entirely, use them as reservoirs and dip the tips of your finger in the mousse. Then, use your fingertips to massage the hair mousse into your scalp. Pull your hands through the hair towards the ends and meanwhile let more of the mouse coat the hair tips. You will need to use a good volumizing mousse so that it gives your hair a good hold without weighing them down.

    The curling iron trick

    For this trick, all you will need is a curling iron. Take a thin strand of hair, about 1-1.5 inches wide, and while holding the curling iron vertically, wrap the stand along the barrel of the iron rod. Do not clamp the strand on the iron. Hold it for a few seconds in the exact position and then release. Your hair, at this point, might be a little more springier than you want but there’s a trick there too. While the strand is still hot, pull it down, all too gently, for a few seconds. You can repeat around the head of the coil of your hair unless you are happy and have the wave you wanted. For a more added effect or the punk-rock look, you can leave the ends of your hair loose while you wrap them around the barrel of the curling iron.

    Use the hair straightener

    Yes, you can certainly use your hair straightener to get the beachy wave you so like. For this you’ll need to heat the hair straightener to a degree where it does not burn your hair. A hair straightener with ceramic plates is most recommended. Once the straightener is hot, take a strand of hair, not more than 1.5 inches thick, and press the hair in the plates. When you reach the end, wrap the strand of the hair around the straightener while holding it vertically and hold there for a few seconds. Release the straightener. Do not press down and iron the hair on this stage, but instead simply release your hold and let your hair free. Voila! You’ll have the most punk-rock beachy waves without much of an effort. To hold down the style, you can spray some generous amount of hairspray on your hair. However, it will give a dry and rough look to the style so you can skip it if you intend to keep your hair softer but for a short time period.

    The pin curl basic set

    This technique utilizes the basics of heat styling; the heat changes the shape of the hair entirely while the coolness sets it for an extended period of time. For this you will need to start with dry, lightly brushed out hair. Spritz them with a flexible holding spray or gel. Wrap a small section of hair strand around the barrel. Do not use the clamp and hold onto it for some seconds. After releasing, you will have to re-coil hair, this time by wrapping around your fingers and collapse it against the scalp. Then you pin it into that very place. Repeat with entire hair and then completely cool down the hair. It won’t really take long. Once it’s cooled down, use the spritz again, and apply light-hold hair spray. If you want a uniform wave in your hair, just brush through them lightly.


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