5 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Milkmaid Braids

    5 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Milkmaid Braids

         Braiding milkmaid braid could be difficult to manage if you have extremely long hair, but with a little time and effort, you will be able to create the perfect milkmaid braids. You may also have problems if you have a layered haircut, but you might be able to take care of it if you are good at braiding. The milkmaid braid hairstyle can also work with shoulder length hair if you can plait it!



    • A hair brush,
    • A comb,
    • A bunch of bobby pins,
    • Some mini hair elastics.

    STEP 01:

    Before starting on the milkmaid braid hairstyle, you need to give your hair a good brush. Make sure that your hair is tangle-free and knot-free.

    STEP 02:

    Now, part your hair down the middle at the back. You could use your comb to help you. If you are bad at parting your hair down the center, then you could get a friend to help you. Even if your center parting is not perfect, it will still work with the milkmaid braid hairstyle as messy looks are all the rage right now.

    STEP 03:

    Take the first side of your hair, brush it up to about the height of your ear and start braiding milkmaid braid, which is essentially a simple braid right now. When you are done braiding milkmaid braid, fasten it with an elastic and massage it gently to make it appear fuller. Be careful not to massage it too vigorously or the braid will come undone and you won’t be able to make the perfect milkmaid braids. After completing your braid, bring it over your head and pin it in place. If you want to make your pins invisible, you could place them inside the milkmaid braid hairstyle.

    STEP 04:

    Do the same for the other side of your hair. Brush it to the height of your ear, start braiding milkmaid braid, fasten it with an elastic, massage it gently, bring it over your head and pin it. Tuck the ends underneath the braid and pin it so as to make it invisible. This could be difficult if you have long hair because then, instead of wrapping the perfect milkmaid braids just over your head, you may have to wrap it around your head kind of like a halo. It could be a bit problematic at first, but I am sure it will be easy to do after you have had a little practice.

    STEP 05:

    Finally, all you have to do to complete the milkmaid braid hairstyle is just neaten everything up. You could use a little hairspray and a couple of pins to tuck in any flyaway. If you want to give a little messy look to your milkmaid braid hairstyle, you could leave some strands out or if you have bangs, you could style them with a straightener, curler or both, depending on the look you want to give to your perfect milkmaid braids.

    And then you are all done with one of the easiest hairstyles!


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