Perfecting the Art of Creating Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes

Eyes are the most appealing part on a human’s face as they add an impact to your personality. The main thing that individuals look at in another’s appearance is the eyes as they reflect how a person is. For females, their eyes are their tools of flirtation and emotional expressions. Therefore, every female just wants to make them look beautiful and impressive. Actually, eyes are the most expressive part on your face and they say as much about you as your personality. Therefore when you are prepping up for anything, almost anything at all, you need to pay special attention to your eyes.

Smoky eyes are in trend this season and they help women make quite an impression. If you really want to look sultry and attractive, smoky eyes are perhaps what you will need to make that statement. Smoky eyes have been in fashion since long and this season, the trend is growing even more. There aren’t any signs that this trend is going out any time soon, so you better buck up and learn to master the art of creating the perfect smoky eyes for your night out.

Remember, smoky eyes are not easy to create as they need to be done up with great care or else you will end up looking witchy rather than the sultry beauty you are were for. They are difficult but certainly not impossible. So here go the tips and tricks which will help you create the perfect smoky eyes look.

  1. The most important thing in creating the perfect smoky eyes is the blending of colors. Make sure the colors you are using are blended perfectly together and don’t look defined separately.
  2. Combining light base colors with dark colors make your eyes look more prominent and beautiful. For instance: you can try using gold with deep purple, champagne with blue, peach with green and so on.
  3. Color selection also plays a very important part in creating the perfect smoky eyes. This is certainly not the 18th century where you need to focus on your dress colors to match your makeup. Universal shades of black, beiges and brown will do with just about anything you choose to wear from your wardrobe. However, if you are more of a matching person, you can pick out and play along the shades of your dress.

Creating the Perfect Smoky Eyes

The first step is to perfect the base for smoky eyes. If you are using a primer or concealer, make sure you apply it evenly without it creating a cakey effect around your eyes. Conceal laugh lines or eye bags if you have any. It’s essential you take good rest to keep your eyes looking beautiful naturally too. You can also use petroleum jelly on your eyes to make your makeup last longer.

After applying the base and blending it perfectly, you will next use an eyeliner pencil. Apply eye shadow first if you want to add a more dramatic effect. Use the same shadow to define the outer corner of your lower eyelid. Then use a slanted wet brush and a darker tone of the same shade of eye shadow to line your eye on the upper lid. At this stage, you need not stretch your eyelids taut. The darker shade works great as an eyeliner substitute if you don’t prefer kohl pencils to line your eyes.

Before moving on to put darker colors, apply colors to the tops of your eyelids and your brow bone. Apply the colors first and then use a good eye shadow brush to blend in the colors perfectly. Ensure that your eyeliner and eye shadow also blends well. On the crease of your eyes, tone down the deeper color with fine blending. Don’t let it hang there.

After you are done with blending colors, you can add a finishing touch by reapplying your liner. You can use your highlight colors to also line the inner corner of your bottom eyelids. When you are lining your eyes as a finishing touch, do it gently. Tautly pull the upper eyelid and then line it with kohl or your darker eye shadow as you prefer it. For added definition, you can blend the liner upwards with an eye shadow sponge or even a cotton bud.

End your smoky eyes with mascara. Mascara makes your eyes look bigger and more attractive. However, remember to apply good quality mascara and brush your lashes afterwards so as not to create a spidery legged look. Don’t put on heaps of mascara. Keep it light and brush your eyelashes well.

Once you are done, top off your smoky eyes with a translucent powder. This will make them last longer. Apply the powder gently, taking great care not to smudge the eyes you made with so much hard work.


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