Easy Tutorial: How To Knot Ponytail Hairstyle Perfectly

    Easy Tutorial: How To Knot Ponytail Hairstyle Perfectly

    Do you have long hairs and want to tie them up? Are you looking for a method that will tell you as to how to style your hairs into the finest ponytail? In this post, I will be telling you one of the simplest ways to knot your ponytail hairstyle. Check out the below-written steps and apply this method on your hairs too.

    Steps To Knot Ponytail Hairstyle

    1. In the very first step, take a small section of your hair from the crown of your head.
    2. Make sure that the bigger the section; the bigger will be the bow.
    3. Now, tie the section with the help of an elastic band to create a half ponytail.
    4. Avoid pulling the ends of your hairs through the elastic band.
    5. Split the loop into 2 halves to create two smaller loops. Make sure that you come up with finest loops.
    6. Start inserting bobby pins on both the bottom of your loops and the top side of your loops.
    7. Next, pick up the remaining ends of your ponytail and wrap them around the elastic and hide them up.
    8. You can make use of additional bobby pins in order to wrap up your pony. This is all the end of this tutorial!

    All the girls out there, you should try out this tutorial right now. Also, let us know that whether you have succeeded in making a perfect ponytail hairstyle or not!

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