The Most Popular and Chic Summer Hairstyles for This Season

    Summer Hairstyles Pixie Cut

    Temperatures have begun to soar in most parts of the world. The summers are here and yes, they can be a killer to that perfect chic diva look you might have sported all winter. So what should be done in a time like this? What should you do to maintain your ultra-chic appearance and still beat the heat?

    Here, we present you some of the most popular summer hairstyles that you ought to try during summer to keep your style statement up and about. Get inspired from these cool summer hairdos and get your hairdressers to give you these cuts or styling as per your needs. We guarantee you’ll look your very best! You can thank us later after you have tried on any or one of these amazingly chic hairstyles to make your very own style statement this hot summer! It’s certainly going to be a lot of fun!

    Chic Summer Hairstyles

    Pixie Cut

    There were times when women dreaded such short hairstyles, but no more. Pixie cuts have become one of the most famous and chic summer hairstyles that you can adopt and look the urbanite diva you actually are. Pixie cuts suit all face types and that is one of the main reason they are so in during the hot season when you just can’t control that unruly mane of yours and want something short, simple and manageable, all at once. Get your hairstylist to decide upon the length which will suit your face cut most and get going with your pixie cut. You sure will rock it like a star!


    Braids hardly go out of fashion ever! Braids are one of the most famous and most liked summer hairstyles this season. The look is being sported by a lot of females including celebs in their attempts to ward off the heat and play it chic.

    There is a lot of innovation that can be tried with braids. You can try the fishtail, the simple one, the four partitioned one, weave a number of braids together and what not. Try out various looks at home in front of a mirror and wear them when you go out. They sure as hell will make you beat the heat in style. Half crown braid, French braid and twisted side braid continue to be the hottest favorite summer hairstyles this season.


    Beachy waves are quite in this season. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require you to make a lot of effort on daily basis as well. You can just apply some good amount of volumanizing hair mousse on and get this look naturally. Or perhaps use your straightener to create these unkempt looking waves in your hair in no time at all. This wavy hairstyle is one of the most common one sported by celebs this summer season. It’s cool, it’s casual and act as an ally to the humidity in the air which doesn’t let you maintain a hairdo otherwise.

    The Bun

    The bun was mostly worn by women in the 20th century, but this season, it has returned as one of the hottest summer hairstyles. Various types of buns have been classified as urban and chic and are being sported by working women mostly. They not only keep the hair in place, but also give you a neater and tidier personality with zero-tolerance-for-nonsense look.

    Buns are an ideal summer hairstyle for those with long hair. However just ensure that you don’t wear them too high on your head or just too tight as they can cause headaches later on and can also cause your hair to bend in waves.

    High Ponytails

    Ponytails are not only for the gym girl. They can also double up as one of the most classy and chic summer hairstyles which will keep the hair out of your face and give you that smart and sleek look too. Play it up with ponytails this summer and keep your entire ensemble looking fresh and very classy. Ponytails are an ideal hairstyle for working women and those attending schools and colleges during summers as they keep the hair in place and don’t let the heat get to your head.

    Try out any of these urban chic hairstyles during this summer and beat the heat with classy style. These are easy to do and manage hairstyles ideal for women belonging to all wakes of life. And the best thing is that they’ll do just fine for formal and causal occasions as well. Just get your hairstylist to know what you want and adorn an ultra chic look this summer. Keep it light with airy flowing clothes and you are all set to beat the heat with your cool ensemble. It’s going to be a lot of fun beating the heat with chic style! Go girl!


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