How To Do Pore Strips

How To Do Pore Strips

These days pore strips are getting one of the most expensive medications in the market. You can merely get a pore strip at the cost of $ 12 for a pop. In such situations the best method would be making your own homemade pore strip that would be cheap and at the same time free from all the pollutant harms as well. In this article we will be explaining that how you can do pore strips. In the beginning we would foremost mention out the main items for the making of pore strips.

How To Do Pore Strips

Main Ingredients For Pore Strips
1.    1 Tablespoon Unflavored Gelatin
2.    1 1/2- 2 Tablespoons Milk

How To Make Pore Strips?
1.    Just put 1small Tablespoon of unflavored gelatin inside the disposable container.
2.    Now add 1 or 2 small Tablespoons of milk inside the Gelatin mixture.
3.    Now start mixing all the items until the whole mixture doesn’t give out with the chunky flavor. If you feel that the mixture can be made even chunkier then add more amount of milk in it.
4.    Now put the gelatin in microwave over for maximum 15 seconds. This heat will give away the creamier look to the mixture.
5.    In the final stages stir it and then apply it over the face instantly. This whole mixture normally gets hardened in least time period so you have to be quick enough with its application over face.

The women make the choice of pore strips as they get attacked by the pores and acne in their early life period. We hope that through this article you must have learnt a lot about the making of pore strip. Just follow the recipe and make sure that you have to apply the mixture before it gets hard or cold.


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