Get Practical Beauty Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Get Practical Beauty Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Anyone with eyes that react easily will need makeup tips for sensitive eyes. Just because you have sensitive eyes does not mean you can’t wear eye makeup. Really, it doesn’t. You may have tried a lot of things and feel hopeless, but it’s not! There is no need for you to avoid eye makeup completely. Here are a couple more tips that might just end your sorrow. By being savvy with your brand and product choices and having a little know-how about applying makeup, you can say goodbye to your itchy, sore, red eyes!

Practical Beauty Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

So, here are some practical makeup tips for sensitive eyes.

#1: Know Your Brand

If you have sensitive eyes, you can still use eye makeup. By using brands that don’t use ingredients that could possibly cause irritation like fragrances, you will still be able to play with eye makeup, but lower your chances of suffering from stinging, watery eyes. Although there are a lot of brands in the market aimed at sensitive eyes, it doesn’t mean all of them will suit you since each eye has a different case. Try out some of these brands and see which one works for you.

#2: Clean Your Brushes

Makeup brushes and tools can easily become contaminated, so it’s always smart to keep them clean. Clean your makeup brushes and sharpen your pencils regularly so that you only use clean tools around your sensitive eyes, which will help prevent general infection and irritation. Clean your brushes by using a gentle soap or shampoo and leaving them to dry on a clean cloth or towel.

#3: Avoid the Waterline

If you have really sensitive eyes, avoid rimming the inner waterline with a pencil. Instead, you can apply it on the lash line to avoid any unnecessary irritation. Also, don’t apply mascara to your bottom lashes. If you want to define the bottom lash line, you can do so with shadow and still get the same effect.

#4: Use Cream Shadows

Powder eye shadows can be a real problem for someone with sensitive eyes since they can easily crumble and find their way into your eyes, which can cause irritation to your eyes. You can, instead, use the easily blendable, long-lasting cream eye shadows since they are less likely to fall out. Also, steer clear of glittery eye shadows since they can be a lot of problem for you!

#5: Avoid Using Mascara on the Base of your Lash Line

You can try using a natural mascara or one that is specially designed for sensitive eyes, but don’t ever use regular mascara on the base of your lash line if you have sensitive eyes. This is because the base is too close to your eyes and can irritate them. To apply mascara, you can start about a millimeter or so away from the roots by holding the wand horizontally and pulling it through to the tips.

#6: Avoid Mascaras with Fibers

Avoid the type of mascara that is designed to lengthen your lashes as the fibers in this type of mascara can fall out into your eyes and cause irritation. You could use volumizing mascara (which will boost the thickness of your lashes to make them truly stand out) or go for a lash-lengthening mascara that doesn’t have fibers.

#7: Replace Products Frequently

As dry eyes are more prone to infection, cover all your products tightly and throw away your liquid cosmetics after 3 months since a moist environment breeds bacteria. Although you may feel irritated throwing away makeup you haven’t even used properly, it will be worth it since it is never a good idea to use makeup that has been sitting on your dressing table for too long. No matter how hard you try, there is still a risk of bacteria getting into your makeup. It’s best to replace your eye products frequently to reduce the chances of irritation.

#8: Be Gentle to Your Eyes

The best way to treat sensitive eyes is with a gentle touch. Not only is cleaning your brushes and tools important, but you also need to wash your hands properly before you start applying makeup. Because it is so easy to transfer irritants to your eyes, careful hygiene is a must! Also, avoid rubbing your eyes while applying or removing makeup.

#9: Remove Your Makeup before Going to Sleep

There are times when we forget or are too lazy to remove our makeup at night, but that just won’t do especially if you have sensitive eyes! Otherwise, the product can remain stuck to your lids and lashes, and work its way into your eyes while you sleep. Remember to cleanse off all of your eye makeup by using a gentle cleanser. You can also prevent anything from getting into your eyes if you take care of sweeping the cleanser away from your eyes.


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