Premium Quality Modest Clothes in a wide variety of sizes and lengths

Premium Quality Modest Clothes

Premium Quality Modest Clothes

Nowadays, It is so hard to find premium quality, stylish and pocket friendly modest clothes that it is almost similar to finding that  proverbial needle in a haystack. I don’t understand why this is so considering the fact that there are a lot of  women all around the world who have to dress modestly because of their religious beliefs (Muslims, Jews, Christians, Mormons etc) as well as many other women who just simply prefer to dress modestly.
Whenever I walk into any large clothing retail store what l find are racks and racks of female clothing that have had their modesty quality compromised in the design process. It is either a lovely dress is too short, or the sleeves of a long sleeve blouse is transparent, or the neckline is too low, or it is too tight, or a maxi skirt has what I call an unnecessary slit.
The annoying thing for me is that when you look to the designer brands, you will find quite a number of adequately modest and stylish pieces in their collections, but of course the prices are always way out of one’s budget. It is like one is being told indirectly that only the rich deserve to have the option to buy premium quality and stylish modest clothes.
You have probably also experienced this scenario whereby you see a maxi dress or a maxi skirt you love and you want to buy it immediately. You request for your size and your size is available, but just by looking at its length on the hanger, you know the length is too long for you, so you state this observation to the sales representative and based on my experience the sales representative suggests you wear the too long maxi dress or skirt with heels or you could have it tailored to your size. At this point you are probably thinking, why should I have to wear “all” my maxi dresses and maxi skirts with heels? Maxi dresses and maxi skirts look great with flats too, so why don’t I have the option to also wear maxi dresses and maxi skirts with flats if I want to? Why should I have to go through the extra hassle to have my maxi dresses and maxi skirts tailored to my size, and sometimes lose the designs at the bottom of the dress or skirt in the process?
I couldn’t find any reasonable answers to these questions, so we decided to provide one; maxi dresses and maxi skirts can be made in a wide variety of sizes and lengths, and to prove it we established
Qamillah is a company that is driven by our belief in creating modest clothes that are timeless: With a focus on beauty, quality and a very wide variety of sizes and lengths, we provide you with versatile, trans-seasonal and timeless modest garments that will serve you for decades. We offer you value for money with classic investment pieces that don’t go out of style and are competitively priced so you don’t have to take out a mortgage in order to wear a stylish modest garment that is of premium quality.


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