Quick Tips: How To Prevent Premature Gray Hairs

Quick Tips: How To Prevent Premature Gray Hairs

There are hair issues, ones that get you all angry and riled up simply by existing like humidity, oil and a lot of frizz. Then, there are hair issues that cannot be simply discussed in public – premature gray hairs! They say gray hairs are sexy, but let’s just leave the cliché for men and those on the television screens. For us mere mortals, gray hairs are a big dread.

For every female, especially teens or adults, premature gray hairs are a bane of life. It is very annoying and yet so common. Also, it makes you look much older than you actually are. What if someone calls you aunt just because you have a patch of grey hair sprouting out on your head while you go out? However, if you can flaunt gray hairs with a confidence, it won’t be a problem, but still you should know how to tackle them.

Remedies To Prevent Premature Gray Hairs

1. Color Your Gray Hairs

The easiest way to deal with grey hair sprouting up is to color them. Make sure you use an ammonia-free hair color so that your hair doesn’t suffer any damage at all. You can opt for global rather than highlights if you want a more classy and sophisticated look. Get highlights if you want to be fun. Always choose dark shades of black or brown for global or a color that matches your natural hair tone. You can opt for reds and purples for highlights.

2. Natural Remedies

If you want to avoid coloring your hair with artificial colors, you can go for black henna and amla mixture for your hair. The amla is known for its white hair reduction capabilities and the henna will cover your grey hair. The mixture is also great for preserving the silky texture of your hair. Remember if you use henna on your hair, then you will not be able to use over-the-counter hair colors.

3. Oiling

Oiling your hair on a daily basis is extremely essential for maintaining a healthy mane and preventing grey hair. Make a mixture of coconut, almond oil and lemon juice and apply it on your hair to prevent formation of grey hair. You can also eat sesame seeds or apply sesame oil on your hair to prevent graying. Add coconut oil to chopped gourd and boil the mixture. Cool it down and fill up a bottle. Massage the mixture on your head daily to prevent graying as well.

4. Change Your Diet

Increase intake of dark green vegetables and yellow fruits. You need an adequate supply of vitamin B, which these foods are rich in. Add up sardines, tuna, salmon, beef, cheese, lamb and eggs along with milk in your diet plan to gain vitamins in your body.

Just follow above mentioned tips regularly and you will definitely see a significant decrease in gray hairs and too naturally with the exception of off-the-counter coloring tip.


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