7 Ways To Protect And Fix Damaged Hairs This Summer

7 Ways To Protect And Fix Damaged Hairs This Summer

7 Ways To Protect Damaged Hairs

August is finally here! It is the time when our hairs exposed to a lot of damaged factors like sun or sea salt water. The good news is you can protect your hairs and enjoy yourselves. Treat your hairs well and it will treat you well. Below are the 7 ways to protect and fix damaged hairs:

1.  Take a break from heat styling.

Our hairs already have enough to handle with more exposure to the sun. If you really need to style your hairs, let it dry naturally first and then style it using heat protecting products.

2.  Invest in professional products.

And here is why, a lot of store bought products contain silicone, which is a cheap option to use for many companies in both their shampoos and conditioners. It seals of your hair and coats it, leaving it smooth and frizz free for a while. The downside is that it builds up in your hair, weighing it down and making it flat and dull over time, but worst of all it prevents the conditioners and deep treatments you use to actually penetrate your hair, You can’t wash it out because it doesn’t dissolve in water. Silicone doesn’t help patch the hair up and strengthen it from inside, it just coats it. You can get rid of it using clarifying products.

3.  For all you dyed blondes out there.

Always use products for damaged hair. It will help you keeping your hairs in a good condition.

4.  Use styling products with SPF 10 – 15.

Ultra Violet protection during these sunny days is key!

5.  Trim your hairs regularly.

Trim your hairs at least every 8 weeks, only the ends. That can be as little as 5 mm. You would not even notice a difference in length, just in the quality of you hair. If you have planned a vacation then you can do it before going but chances are they will need a trim afterwards as well.

6.  Accessories are your friends.

There are so many hats out there that are cheap and in different styles. You will not  look very fashionable, but protect your hair from the sun at the same time. Have fun experimenting.

7.  And last but not least hair updos.

Putting your hair up has several advantages! The most obvious is that your hair is out of the way and not sweaty and glued to your neck, face or back! Number two – you don’t have to heat style it, as it will be pulled back anyway. Number three – it prevents it from getting tangled by the wind, especially at the beach, where it tends to get pretty windy. Detangling your hair that has already been mistreated by sea salt can not only be challenging but also damaging to your hair.

With that being said, there are a lot of simple and unique ways to style your hairs. Watch the below video to see tutorial on a dutch lace braid updo!



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