How To Protect Hair From Pollution?


How to protect hair from pollution? It is a true fact that sometimes the pollution comes across as one of the major factor for damaging your hairs on big height. They are one of the major sources for making the hairs look out with the image of being dull, dry, rough and damaged ones. Well saving the hairs from pollution is not a complicated task at all but still all the way through this article we are helping out readers to know some of the main tips for protecting their hairs from pollution.


1.      Just make sure one thing that regular shampooing and conditioning is not the just solution for making the hairs shiner and stronger in growth.

wash hair

2.      Whether it is summer or winter you must cover the hairs with some cap or scarf so that no sun heat of coldness can reaches closer towards the hair scalp.

3.      Make the habit of applying the hair oil at least two times in a week. This would be helpful in slowing down the oiliness from the hairs and even make the hair roots stronger as well.

hair oil

4.    You should never favor leaving the hairs opened when you are outside. You must tie them in a ponytail for saving them to look out messy and tangled. 

strong hair

5.      It would be best option to make the choice of such conditioners that safe the hairs from pollution.

shining hair

6.      You must relax your body by taking maximum 9 hours of sleep. In this way your body will be eased and relaxed that will directly give away positive effect over the hairs.







 So all the women out there if you are worried from your hair damage due to pollution then just follow up with all such above mentioned tips right now.


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