Tips On How To Get Radiant Skin Through Makeup

How To Get Radiant Skin Through Makeup

All of us envy women who look absolutely stunning in all fashion trends and we simply hate those who emerge from their homes looking like they are walking out of a runway show at Victoria Secrets. Well, we might bitch about them but deep down inside we want to look like them, those women with the perfect shiny, dewy skin, with the necessary amount of radiance and sheen. So, here is how you can look like them. We tell you the secret to their luminosity and you can get that enviable sheen radiant skin.

How To Get Radiant Skin Through Makeup

1. Use illuminators

Matte makeup is fine but when your skin is matte, it looks flat and downright dull. To get some sheen in your skin, you need illuminators and good strobe creams. Strobe creams boost tired skin cells and they are just perfect if you have to be on the go most of the times. Illuminators work best for all occasions. From parties to red carpet events, illuminators are the perfect product for radiant skin.

2. Use primer

Before applying makeup, ensure that you apply a good primer on your face. This will close all the open pores and give your skin a smooth finish. However, just dab on a little without layering it on your skin as you do not want to look cakey when you apply foundation on it.

3. Conceal intelligently

Use a good concealer to hide all the scars and blemishes on your face. Apply a thin layer always. Dabbing on more than needed will definitely create a very heavy look and give your face a more made up look rather than the radiant skin you are aiming for.

4. Use a face powder with lighter tones

Always buy a face powder which is two tones lighter than your skin. This, when applied with perfect blending, will give your face a smoother and radiant looking complexion. The key here is lighter tone of the face powder and perfect blending of the powder applied.

5. Highlight

Use a good highlighter to highlight your cheekbones and the T-zone. However, remember to use the highlighter in moderation, if you are trying to create an illusion of that dewy skin we are so envious of. Do not brush it on in heaps.

6. Blush

If you are more of a blush and pink glow woman, apply blush on the apples of your cheek in moderation. Do not tint them or rub the blush in, and do not even think about using heavy cream blushes. Use loose powdered blushes and apply them well with a good brush in moderation only.


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