How To Remove Makeup If You Have Sensitive Skin

How To Remove Makeup If You Have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs to be taken good care of or else it will be ruined. One of the most difficult and problematic things about sensitive skin is the application and removal of makeup. Although products especially designed for sensitive skin can be used to apply makeup. More problem arises when one has to remove that makeup without damaging the skin which is already so sensitive and not cause any irritation.

We need to find a way we can remove makeup from sensitive skin without using harsh makeup removers. They can damage the fragile skin and cause rashes and irritation. Proper makeup removal is difficult for all skin types, but extra care is needed when doing so for sensitive skin. There are several tips and tricks which ladies can follow to remove makeup from sensitive skin without damaging it.

How To Remove Makeup If You Have Sensitive Skin


The first step requires ladies to choose a makeup remover which is best suited to their skin type. Always use a mild makeup cleanser for sensitive skin. If your skin is prone to acne, make sure the product you will be choosing is non-comedogenic, not cause acne.


If you have used waterproof mascara or liner, it will not be wiped clean with something like cleansing facial tissues especially made for sensitive skin. They will require you to rub and tug a lot and will leave rashes and red marks in the end. Because waterproof cosmetics are designed to stand humidity and daily wear and tear factors. They need something more potent to remove them. It will be useless and outright stupid to tug and struggle with a facial wipe to remove makeup from sensitive skin without causing puffiness, redness and even premature wrinkles.


It is essential that you use a facial wipe that contains oil or perhaps an oil-free makeup remover if your skin is oily which is designed to remove all sorts of waterproof cosmetics without causing any damage to the skin.


Makeup products which are not waterproof are easier to handle. They will be removed without tugging and rubbing hard on the face. You can use something like a cleansing wipe to remove waterproof makeup from the skin easily. Because these cosmetics are water soluble, they will be removed easily with the help of the wipes. Use a good cleanser for non-waterproof products. Those for sensitive skin and soap-free are great. Also, keep in mind that you need to use a soft cloth to remove makeup from sensitive skin. Cloths which have waffle or quilted textures remove makeup without causing any damage to the skin. Using such cloth wipes is an ideal way of cleaning the face quickly and without causing it any damage.


There are two types of makeup removers. Those with oils and others which are water-based. For removing stubborn makeup and cosmetics, it’s essential to use makeup removers containing oil. And for makeup which are non-waterproof, just about any cleanser would do. Water-based products are great for sensitive skin as they don’t leave any fragrance or deposit oil on the skin which might result in irritation. If you want to use water proof makeup, then it’s essential that you use a cleansing wipe which can remove makeup residue and leftover oil easily. Oil-based products work best for thin skin around the eyes, but be careful as leaving oil there for a long period of time can cause irritation and even break outs.


Be sure you get an all-over makeup remover for sensitive skin. Most products for sensitive skin only focus on removing makeup from areas around the eyes and nothing like foundation and blushes. Buying an overall facial cleanser will help you remove foundations and all other cosmetics you have used on your face without causing irritation. You can use a face wipe for this too, but you need to be certain that all the makeup has been removed and there is no residue left over. You should opt for a deep cleanse with a cleanser especially formulated so that it goes deep down into the pores and completely clean the skin without leaving any residue.


If you have sensitive skin, make sure you opt for those products which have minimum ingredients and which are not harsh and very easy to use. Those with extra perfumes and added colors can cause damage to your sensitive skin. Be certain the products will not cause damage to your skin in the long term as well.


Although it’s recommended that if you have sensitive skin, you should use minimum makeup and only when absolutely necessary. But if you use quality cosmetics and follow a strict makeup removal regime with mild and gentle products, you will not trouble or irritate your skin at all.


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