Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid

    Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid

    Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid

    Last year we did a tutorial called the Chinese Staircase Braid.  Today I am changing it up a bit and show you a reverse Half Chinese Ladder Braid.  I like this as an accent to a ponytail or pull-back.  It adds that little “something something” to your ordinary ponytail.

    This one might seem hard at first so you could practice on a friend or your little sister first.  This hairstyle is so pretty, your friends will want you to do their hair too!

    Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, hairspray {if desired}.
    Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes
    Skill Level: Medium

    Step-By-Step Instructions:

    1. First, pick up a large section of hair on top.  (Not quite a half-up) Secure with a small elastic at the back of the head.  Go back and pull and loosen on top to create a little volume.
    2. Take a small piece of your ponytail, wrap it around the elastic and pin in the back.
    3. Pick up a small piece of your ponytail on one side.  Loop it behind the ponytail so that you are holding a half loop on one side and the end piece in the other had.  (ponytail should be resting on top  of your strand)
    4. Take your end and cross over the top of the ponytail and through the loop.  Pull down to tighten your stitch.
    5. Now pick up another small piece of hair from the same side, combine it with the tail of your first stitch and repeat steps 3-4. You should have 2 complete stitches.
    6. Continue this process until your original little end pieces start to stick out on the sides.  This is a good stopping point.  Secure ends with the ponytail, with a small elastic.
    7. Pick up a small outside piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap the bottom elastic.  Secure with a bobby pin or use your topsie tail to pull through.
    8. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.


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