Tutorial: How To Shape Natural Eyebrows Perfectly

    Tutorial: How To Shape Natural Eyebrows Perfectly

    Many of our readers keep asking us for different Eyebrow tutorials suggestions and tips, so we write here about the best and most popular eyebrow tutorials. We have seen that most of the women encountered problem while shaping their eye brows? Why is it so? The basic reason is that they do not know the proper method to do so! Have a look at the below written steps where we will be telling you as to how to shape natural eyebrows perfectly!


    • In the very first step, you have to start plucking down your eye brows little by little from the underneath part! It is recommended not to go too fast. Make use of good quality tweezers so that you might be able to pluck small hairs.
    • Now start brushing your eye brows with the help of an eye brow powder, this will give you an illusion of fuller brows.
    • Now start plucking out the hairs and give any shape to your eye brows the way you want to! You can give nice square shape, thick shape or you can also have thing eye brows!
    • After trimming your eye brows, make use of a concealer along the edges of the brow. This will give more sharp and edge look to your brows. This will also make your brows look cleaner and more groomed enough.
    • In the last step, brush your brows with an eye brow gel in order to make sure they stay in place all the day.

    On the whole, these are some of the steps where you will be getting a clear idea as to how to properly shape up your eye brows! Try out this tutorial at your home place and then let us know that whether it has worked for you or not!


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