Show Your Taste In Music With the Jeans You Wear


Taste In Music With the Jeans You Wear

Here is some type of Jeans, which is helpful to you to select and also make your Taste In Music With the Jeans You Wear. your styles is your identity so put your choice here.

The Rock star jeans

If you like to have a look that is a bit rock’n’roll, you need to be wearing the tightest jeans possible! Many girls and guys who are rock stars have their denim so tight that it looks like they are spray painted on. See an example in the photo above – my friend Luke from Cloud Hex has this look (you can check out his music at Make sure you do your squats though, because everyone will enjoy the view as you walk away from them! That is if you can walk in them. Sometimes these are so tight that people can have a whole lot of trouble simply trying to move. The trick here is to make sure you buy stretch-demin. It will still cling to you very tightly, but will also stretch a little to allow you to move. You’ve all seen the rock stars with their rock star-moves? Their secret is stretched denim! They certainly could not run, jump and gyrate half as much as they need to without this.

The Hip Hop jeans

If you like your music dope, loud and bang in’ in the way only hip-hop can do it you will look the part in very baggy oversized jeans! These are often labelled as “generous cut” in the shops. Sometimes they are also called “relaxed”, but you can make them even more generous and relaxed if you buy them a few sizes bigger than normal. Don’t forget to pair them with High-Top sneakers which can either be white or bright multi-color. The tongue of the shoe must be on display – you don’t want the extra voluminous material to hide that Nike brand label so tuck the bottom of the jean legs into your sneakers behind the tongue. Only then will you have the look of Jay-Z, Drake and the Wu-Tang Clan. You can wear these jeans as low as you dare below the hips but beware – you must make sure you have a belt though as these will fall down very quickly!

The Hipster-Music Jeans

Don’t be fooled by the title, to let everyone know you like hipster-music, you don’t need to wear jeans that sit below your hips! In fact it can be quite the opposite. If you like bands like Arcade Fire and Bon Iver and other bands that scream “I’m-too-cool-to-care-what-what-you-think”, you need to show this in your fashion by wearing loose fitting high-wasted mom-jeans. This is to show the look of irony and non-conforming. (It also helps you to ride your fixy bike around with much more ease than the rock star or hip-hop fan could!) You also want to try and avoid brand names, and maybe even find some vintage jeans so you can have the effortless look of the hipster.

Another option is the skinny-fit jeans that come in all different bright colors. Red is a favorite choice here, but beware not to stray into rock star territory if the jeans are just a little too skinny – that is a definite hipster no-no!



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