Side Swept 4 Strand Lace Braid Tutorial


    I love side swept hairstyles, I think they’re so elegant! And with shorter hair, there’s nothing like braiding your hair away to keep it sweeping to one side. This 4 strand lace braid may require a bit of practice at first (if you’re a new beginner), but it’s excellent at giving your side swept locks a bit of an attention grabber.

    Side Swept 4 Strand Lace Braid Tutorial

    If you’re already familiar with the 4 strand braid, than you know it’s not that hard! I curled my hair away from my face with a flat iron but that’s optional. I think this style will work just as great with a messier, more “beachy” texture.

      (Video tutorial is included below)


    1. Make a deep side part. On the side with less hair, pick up a section right above your ear and divide it into 4 strands.
    2. Cross the low outer strand over the one next to it and under the one next to that again.
    3. Take the top strand and cross it under the one next to it and over the one next to that again.
    4. Add in hair to the lowest outer strand and cross it over the one next to it and under the one next to that again.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the middle of the back of your head. Then, braid a few regular stitches (steps 2-3) without adding any hair to the braid and tie it off with an elastic.
    6. Pull gently on the outer edges of the braid for volume.
    7. Lift up some hair in the crown area and place the braid where you want it to sit against your head. Take two bobby pins and glide them in against the braid (without opening them and with the wavy side down) so they criss cross each other. Let the rest of the hair down.

    TIP: I encourage you to try and hold your hands behind you even when you start braiding. That way you can continue adding hair to the braid half way around your head without the need of switching hands:

    Why complicate things if you don’t have to?

    See the video tutorial below:



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