Simple Braided Updo Tutorial


    In most of the weddings we have seen that almost all the brides have embellished them with the braided updo hairstyles in marvelous formations. Well braided updo hairstyles are getting one of the ideal and favorites choices for the brides to make them look elegant and stylish for others. Now most of the women have a notion that making braided updo hairstyle is one of the most complicated tasks but that’s not true at all! In this article we will going to highlight down the steps in the form of tutorial for making simple yet stunning braided updo hairstyle.

    Simple Braided Updo Tutorial

    •    In the very beginning you have to offer curls in your hairs. If you will leave the hairs straight then it would get difficult for you to handle the hairs in pins. Curly hairs will allow you to represent the hairs in greater volume.

    •    Now in the next step just divide the hairs into five sections.

    •    Now make the braid in all the sections and then tight them up with elastic bands.

    •    In order to give great volume to the hairs just tie up the hairs in upper direction and loose them up.

    •    Now take the bottom side of the section and pin it up on the opposite side of the hairs.

    •    Now repeat this same step with the next bottom side as well and bring it over the opposite section.

    •    Now take both of these braids and bring them over other braids as you are wrapping something. You can even secure it up with the help of bobby pins.

    •    Now in the ending step just grab the front braid and then lose it up with the help of bobby pins.

    So here we have all ended with the making of simple braided up hairstyle! We can assure you that it would just take hardly 5 minutes for making this fabulous hairstyle……


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