How To Slim Your Face With Hairstyles For Round Face

    How To Slim Your Face With Hairstyles For Round Face

    A round face shape is the most commonly misunderstood face shape. Most women get stressed if they have a round face shape since the term round has been linked with being ‘weighty’ or ‘chubby’. However, this is nothing but an assumption. In fact, extremely slim girls can also have a round face. On average, around 75 percent of women have the misconception that they have a round-shaped face or are getting one due to gaining weight.

    However, that is not true since one’s face shape is established during puberty and determined by the bone structure of the face, not how much weight you have. After your face shape is established, gaining any weight can only fill out whatever face shape you have. So, if you have a diamond-shaped face and you gain weight, it may look ‘fuller’ and possibly ‘rounded’ to the untrained eye, but it actually isn’t round. However, if you have a round face shape or are getting ‘rounder’, there are some ways to help make it slim.

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    Face Slimming Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

    Well, you will at least be able to make it look slimmer by choosing certain hairstyles. Hairstyle is one of the best ways to highlight your attractive facial features and make other features less apparent. Make sure that the hairstyle you choose doesn’t highlight the roundness of your face since you need to make it look slim. Your hairstyle should end either above or below your chin and it should be maintained near to your round face shape. A rounded haircut or a hairstyle that is full on the sides will highlight the roundness of your face and so they should be avoided at all costs.

    Just like any clothing with horizontal stripes can add the impression of weight, blunt edges on your hairstyle can add the semblance of fullness to an already round face. One way to help give the impression of a slim face is to add slenderizing vertical lines to your hairstyle. You can achieve this effect by adding highlights, especially on hair close to your face. You can also minimize the fullness of your hair by adding height to your hair. You can do this by trying layers on the top or by using a root lifting volumizing product to slim your hair.

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    Another way to make a round face shape look slimmer is by pulling your hair into either a high ponytail or a braid anchored at the top with a few strands of hair left on both sides of the face and in front of the ear.

    The best hair length to create the impression of a slim face is between the shoulder and jawline. A great hairstyle for women with a round face shape is a shoulder skimming shag with textured bangs that looks fashionable and at the same time, reduces the width of your face. Bangs can also help to enrich your eyes. Wispy bangs and even those with uneven edges look great on round-shaped faces.

    One of the best techniques to help slim round face is to have long straight lines around the face. A great hairstyle to do that is a chin length bob haircut that is angled and has fine tapering sides below the cheeks. Since a round face is widest at the cheeks, this is a really great way to help make the face look slim.

    As the widest parts of a round face shape are the ears and cheeks, a way to help slim the face is to reduce the amount of hair in these areas. If your hairstyle ends just above your jawline, use some side components to reduce the roundness of a round face shape. You can also use a center part on jaw length hair or even on hair longer than that.

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    Face Slimming Makeup for Round Face Shape

    Besides hairstyle, you can also use makeup to give the impression of a slim face. Here are some makeup tips that can help you do just that.

    • Define your cheekbones by using a dark tone under your cheekbones. Then, take a lighter color from the same color family and apply it on the apples of your cheeks.
    • Another way to make your round face shape look slim is to narrow down your nose. You can do this by using a pressed powder that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. On the sides of your nose, press a powder that is a darker color.
    • You can also apply loose powder on your jawbone from ear to ear. Remember that the loose powder you will apply should be a shade darker than your skin tone. To finish off the look and make it look soft, use a powder that is just one shade lighter. Finally, use a fan-shaped brush to widen both down the neck.

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