Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Eyes makeup is one of the essential parts in the whole makeup collection. Smokey eyes makeup is very attractive to everyone. every girl loves smokey eyes. whatever the function is you are going to attend, smokey eye makeup enhances your look. in this post, I am going to teach you how you can apply smokey eyes makeup in short time. Go through this post till the end, here I describe 5 different styles of Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials. You can follow any on these best suited to your dress color and occasion as well.

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

  1. Step by step Gold to Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

Starting the collection with an astonishing and hot smokey eye which makes them faint. This amazing look begins with a brown shadow covering the base lash line, then work dark kohl eyeliner from the waterline and along the top lash line. Mix a brown eyeshadow from the external corner of the eye towards the focal point of the eye, and complete with a wonderful gold shadow mixed from the internal corner to the inside.

2. Step by step Silver and Black Smokey Eye

This is a really excellent smokey eye with a mix of stunning grays and blacks. To make, begin with a light brown from the focal point of the eye to the external corner. Run over this part with a dark eyeshadow, getting step by step more pigmented towards the external corners. Bring the eyeshadow along the lower lash line, including a hidden glimmer of gold on all that really matters towards the internal corner. Complete with a silver shade in the inward corner and complete with a flush of eyeliner.

3. Step by step Electric Blue Smokey Eye

To make this electric blue vision, begin by illustrating the eyelid with a smooth dark line in kohl. Approximately smeared out all through the wrinkle and along the lash line. Fill in the lines with a dark eyeshadow mixed secretly towards the inside, then with your blue eyeshadow, tap the shading down in the focal point of the eyelid. Use a kohl eyeliner to gone through the waterline and top eyelid to complete the look.

4. Brown Smokey Eye with Thick Eyeliner

This is the ideal look to take you from day to night, and will surely make your eyes pop. To make this style, begin with a light shading toward the side of the eyes on both top and base, mixing out towards a dark brown on the external corners, again both top and base. Use eyeliner to the line along your lash line along the top and the base eyelid and edge the style. Complete with a touch of gold in the internal corner.

5. Graduating Blue Smokey Eye

Nobody said a smokey eye must be with the neutral tone. We adore this pretty blue look. Begin with a navy blue eyeliner and make a modest flick from the external corner of the eye diagonally towards the end of the eyebrow. Thicken the line with dull shadow. also, mix towards the focal point of the eye. Use a lighter blue to convey the line on to the focal point of the eye. Use white eyeliner in the water line to complement the completed look.

Hope you enjoyed all these Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials to look perfect on every function. Do tell us your feedback in the comment section below. Keep visiting us for more makeup tutorials in the future.

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