How To Style Maiden Braids On Long And Thick Hairs

    How To Style Maiden Braids On Long And Thick Hairs

    Are you having long and thick hair? Do you have hair length up to shoulder? Well, if yes then you can, without any doubt, try out different hairstyles and maiden braids is one of them! Here, in this post, I will be telling as how to style up the maiden braids, check out the below method and apply this hairstyle on yourself too:

    How To Style Maiden Braids

    01. In the very first step, you have to braid strands on both the sides of your center part. Make sure that the braiding has to be done in a proper way and manner. The two strands must be equally divided and each part of the strand should be having equal volume and thickness of hairs!

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    02. After getting done with this step, you have to start wrapping down the braids at the crown position of your head and pin them up! You have to keep one thing in mind that these wrap up braids has to be pinned up with one pin only! Pin them up right at the corner of your head.

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    03. After this, start arranging the braids in such a way that they cover up your head in a headband form. Pin these braids properly so that they might not get loosen up. Make sure that you make the headband form properly so that best maiden braids can come out!

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    04. Now the ending steps of this maiden braids hairstyle are coming up! Afterwards, start pulling down the rest of your hairs like as of ponytail and pin them up in a messy and rough bun form. But it is totally and completely up to you that whether you want to have a ponytail of your remaining hair or you want to have rough or messy of hairs.

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