Super Easy And Quick Braided Hairstyle – Braiding For Beginners

    Super Easy And Quick Braided Hairstyle - Braiding For Beginners

    Hey lovely! I have another super easy quick braided hairstyle idea for you this week! It looks complicated enough, which is kind of cool for how easy it is to do! I hope you’ll love it!

    Super Easy And Quick Braided Hairstyle

    As you know I’ve been giving my hair a lot of rest lately, using my frizzy hair hack that I shared with you last week and enjoying letting my hair down while I still can. In a little bit, Barcelona will be hit by a wave of heat and humidity that only the cleverest updos will be able to handle! So please be on the lookout for braids and updos tutorial season soon!

    In the meanwhile I’m feeling a lot of spring vibes that have inspired me to concoct this super easy Zig Zag braid style! I think it’s perfect if you want to change things up and do something interesting and cute looking while being super easy and quick to do!

    Easier than it looks Zig Zag style

    Best part? You only need to know how to do a regular three strand braid!

    Let’s jump right in shall we? Watch the video below or read the instructions below the video for the how-to:


    1. Part your hair wherever you like and pick up a moderate section of hair from your temple to your part.
    2. Divide it into 3 strands, leaving the middle strand significantly thinner than the other two.
    3. Braid a normal braid by crossing the outer strands over the middle.
    4. Pull out only the thicker pieces gently. This is going to give the braid that Zig Zag effect. Tie the braid off with an elastic.
    5. Repeat on the other side, then pin the braids to the back of your head with bobby pins.
    6. Pick up a new section below the first braid, from the top of your ear and up and repeat steps 4 and 5 on both sides.
    7. Divide the rest of your hair into 3 equal strands and braid a regular braid. Pull the braid apart for a softer and more voluminous look.

    TIP: Make sure to direct the hair to the back while braiding, so that you won’t get any funny bulks after you pull them to the back of your head.


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