Things You Should Know About Hair Texture

Hair Texture

Hair texture is the most important factor to be considered when choosing the best hairstyle for yourself. The texture and density of your hair are key in dictating your haircut, your hair’s length and your hairstyle. But just like there are rules that dictate how you should cut your hair, there are rule breakers. And very often, the best hairstyles are those that break some rules about hair texture. Here are some of the most important things you should know about hair texture and how you can break these rules.

Types of hair textures

There are basically 6 types of hair textures: fine, wavy, curly, straight, coarse and frizzy. Your hair can be a combination of these. You could have fine, straight hair or wavy hair that is coarse. Your hairstylist should be able to figure out your exact hair texture by feeling your hair and seeing how it moves. Knowing this is important when styling your hair and choosing a haircut.

You can find this out yourself too. Just grab a section from the top, back and sides, and see how it falls when you let it go. If your hair falls flat, it means you have fine hair. Hair that poufs up away from your face or sticks up straight is thick textured. Anything between that is medium texture. Generally, dark hair is thick, while naturally blonde hair is thinner.

Curly hair looks great long

Most professionals recommend keeping your curly hair long to weigh it down. Short curly hair tends to pouf up. The general rule is that the longer you grow your curly hair, the better. But as always, rules can be broken. Short curly hair that poufs up everywhere can look great. Just look at the picture below of flattering and soft, short curls. The hairstyle emphasizes her personality, which can be considered to be independent and confident. This type of short hairstyle is not for the shy.

Fine hair shouldn’t be grown too long

Just like curly hair needs to be long to weigh it down, fine hair should be short to retain body and volume. Long, fine hair can look flat and lifeless. However, there are some instances when long hair can look good, regardless of the hair texture. For example, square and round faces look amazing with long hair since the length of the hair can help elongate a face that is wider than it is long. If you have a long face and fine hair, you are much better off with shorter hair. However, that doesn’t mean that you are limited to bobs for your whole life. You can go for shoulder-length hair.

Layers are great for all hair textures

Layers soften your hair’s lines, create movement, build volume and can keep your curly hair in check. The best thing of all is that layers can work with all hair textures.

Everyone’s hair has at least some wave in it

If you have straight hair and scrunch it while it air dries, it will become wavy. The fact is, everyone’s hair has at least some natural wave to it, even women with incredibly straight hair. It may not look great, but it can be good to know that you can have naturally wavy hair.

Use the right products for your hair texture

People with straight or fine hair need different products than people with frizzy, coarse or curly hair. For fine hair, the best hair products include hairspray, baby powder or dry shampoo, mild shampoos, volumizers and regular vinegar rinses to remove product build-up. On the other hand, dry hair women require products like smoothing hair treatments, serums and moisturizing shampoos.

Use the right tools for your hair texture

Different hair tools are used for different hair textures. Straight, wavy or coarse hair require a paddle brush or a boar bristle round brush for a good blowout. You could also try investing in a good ionic blow dryer, which can greatly reduce the total time needed to dry your hair without frizzing or frying it.

Curly hair, on the other hand, is way trickier and can easily become frizzy when over-handled. Some women forgo the blow dryer and hair brush completely and let their hair air dry, while others use the blow dryer on a low setting with a diffuser.

Embrace your hair texture

When we feel that we are stuck with our natural hair texture, we may be eager for change. It can take a lot of time for someone to come to terms with what they are born with and truly love their hair. But when you do so, your life will become so much easier. Imagine the hours you will not have to spend on curling your straight hair or straightening your curly hair. Instead of hating your hair when you look at it in the mirror, try to think about positive things about it like its thickness or length. Soon, your attitude towards your hair and yourself will change.


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