All-Time Favorite Prom Hairstyles for Girls

Prom Hairstyles

Prom night is one of the most awaited nights for all teenagers, especially girls. Every girl dreams of having an alternate look, a distinguishing character and elegant prom hairstyles that will suit their flawless dress. One of the major worries for most girls is prom hairstyles. To find the best prom hairstyles that complement the girl’s character, prom outfit and the setting of the night is a huge chore. Similar to the outfit, girls need to find prom hairstyles that go with the prom theme as well so that they don’t look out of place. Every prom night has a style that ties together all the elements of the prom and makes it look like such a special and unique event. Prom themes vary each year according to the school and play a very important role when buying and deciding on a prom dress and prom hairstyle.

Prom Hairstyles

Short Hair

Girls have got a vast choice of prom hairstyles for short, long and medium length hair. For girls with short hair, there are a wide variety of short prom hairstyles that look both formal and fashionable. To name a number of textured short hairstyles with a lot of levels and texture, a short hairstyle with fringe and a pixie haircut are the most popular. As mentioned above, before deciding on any short prom hairstyles, you need to consider the prom theme and your prom dress if you have already chosen it. Another way to look at it is to decide what type of hairstyle you want to flaunt according to the prom theme and then choose your dress according to your hairstyle and the prom theme.

Long Hair

Long hairs are a bit challenging to deal with, but there is still a plethora of prom hairstyles for long hair. Waves, curls, chignons and other updos look fabulous on long hair and suit the occasion too. Most girls prefer to wear their hair in an updo, which has now become a trademark prom hairstyle. Updos also compliment the girl’s flattering characteristics and give her a trendy look. Another great hairstyle for long hair is to braid the front portion to one side and separate the hair with a hairband. Long boho waves with a center part and waves through the locks look fantastic for prom night and so does curly locks created with barrel or rollers.

Medium Length Hair

Many girls with medium length hair are worried about their prom hairstyles and sometimes, they don’t even know the wide variety of hairstyles available for them. In truth, there are several medium length hairstyles as well. In fact, girls with medium length hair are at an advantage since they can benefit from both short and long prom hairstyles. Choppy medium length haircut, natural wavy and curled locks are just a few of the hairstyles that are perfect medium length hairstyles for your special prom night. Updos will also work as a great prom hairstyle for medium length hair. A sassy and a knotted style updo are amongst the most popular and simplest prom hairstyles. The aforementioned hairstyles for short and long hair will also work well with medium length hair, so you are really lucky here. Medium length hair is long enough to create an updo, but also short enough to go with a short prom hairstyle.

Sedu Hairstyle

One of the all-time favorite prom hairstyles for girls is the Sedu hairstyle, which was first made popular by Jennifer Aniston in the show “Friends”. Ever since then, the hairstyle has been hugely popular and has been in fashion all the time. The Sedu hairstyle for prom can be a natural Sedu hairstyle, a refined Sedu hairstyle or a vintage Sedu hairdo. A normal Sedu hairstyle just means the natural beauty. You can either have straight hair with some soft curls or a free bun that highlights the face of the wearer. A refined Sedu hairstyle, on the other hand, can be a tight bun or a reduced ponytail. Vintage or old-fashioned Sedu hairstyle is one of the most elegant and expressive prom hairstyles.

Although choosing a prom hairstyle can be a difficult and often confusing decision, it can be really rewarding, especially when you receive lots of compliments and praises regarding it. In order to ensure that you choose the best hairstyle for your prom night, it is better that you get your mom or your friend to help you. Even better, you could get some advice from a professional hairstylist. Tell your hairstylist about the prom theme and if you have already purchased your prom outfit, then you could either take it to her or show her a picture of your dress. This way, your hairstylist will be better able to suggest which hairstyle will be the best for you.

If you plan early and decide on a hairstyle for one of the most awaited nights of your life way ahead of time, it can help you achieve a flattering, tasteful, unique and exceptional look that blends nicely with the atmosphere of your prom.


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