Tips to Help You Grow Out Bangs Gracefully

Grow Out Bangs

Admit it, we all have looked at pictures of Brigitte Bardot or Katy Perry and thought to ourselves that we can rock bangs too. That is, until the day you got tired of them and wanted to get rid of them. The great thing about hair is that it continuously grows, so you can grow out bangs too. However, once they reach the in-between stage where they are neither long nor short, they can look pretty awkward if they are not styled properly. They can also be really annoying to those women who hate getting hair in their eyes. Here are some tips that will help you style your hair when you grow out bangs.

Tips to Grow Out Bangs

1. Get Lots of Bobby Pins

This is not something that you don’t already know, but you need to get lots of bobby pins. The important thing here is to make sure you get the good kind of bobby pins that will stay put. Since not all bobby pins are good enough, you should test them before buying.

2. Hair Accessories Are Your Best Friends

Buy a chic boho headband or a sparkly new clip to help you secure your style during your growing out phase. You will need these hair accessories to keep your hairstyle in place. Hiding the awkward phase of bangs regrowth can be as simple as parting your bangs at an angle and securing them to the sides with a clip, barrette or bobby pin. With the hair accessories available today, you can find options that are anything but basic.

3. Embrace Your Bangs

When you grow out bangs, you can embrace them all the way and let them flow naturally. If you don’t mind seeing only half the time, then wear your bangs down and blend them with your naturally flowing hair.

4. Trim Your Bangs Regularly

You don’t need to cut your bangs all the way, just trim the ends regularly. Completely cutting off regrowth will only cause your bangs to regrow and you will be stuck in an endless cycle of bangs. On the other hand, regular trims will actually help your bangs grow more quickly since trimming promotes healthier hair, and healthy hair can absorb vitamins and moisture more readily to grow quickly. Trimming bangs will also keep your bangs looking great and make them blend into the rest of your hair easily.

5. Choose a Side

When you grow out bangs, switch from a center part to a side part, angled slightly from the crown of your head. An angled part is a great style when you are growing out bangs since you will be able to better disguise the awkward length of your bangs and still be able to keep them in place with a weighted product. To part your hair, you can use a medium hold styling cream or gel on your bangs when they are wet and then part to one side. If you are air drying your hair, pin your hair to one side, or you can brush to one side while blow drying.

6. Use Headbands

Sometimes, you want your bangs off your forehead altogether. No worries, you can always use a headband. Women of every age can be seen sporting a variety of headbands, whether they be jeweled, boho or elastic. If your bangs stick straight up behind the headband, you can apply a styling pomade to smooth them back. If you don’t want to use a product, you could even pin your bangs back and wear a hair ribbon or headband over the pins to conceal them.

7. Skip the “Growing-Out” Look

This option is for those who are struggling with styling options or want to just skip the “growing-out” look completely. Grab the top, longer sections of your bangs, leaving the shorter, wispy pieces. Pin these longer sections to the back of your head, and wear the shorter ones like normal bangs. You will have to keep your longer sections pinned back, or under a headband, constantly until they grow out completely. Then, you can leave them down like normal and blend them with your shorter bangs until they grow out.

8. Become Familiar with Bang-Friendly Hairstyles

There are a lot of hairstyles that allow you to style your bangs in such a way that they are out of your face and their awkward length is kept hidden. A great look to keep your bangs out of your face when you grow out bangs is to braid the strands along the hairline. You will probably have some flyaways, especially if some of your hair is short, but you can fix that with a good ol’ hairspray. You could also apply gel on your hair before braiding to ensure no strands poke out of your braid. If braids are not your specialty, you could always slick back your hair into a ponytail by spraying the right amount of hairspray.


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