Top 10 Prettiest Celebrity Long Bobs

    naomi watts

    Top 10 prettiest celebrity long bobs. Yes, it is a fact that celebrities pay a lot of attention while finalizing their hairstyle, they try out various hair styles and then come up with final one! Have a look at the below written top 10 prettiest celeb having long bobs, you can also check out the pictures of these celebrities from this webpage!

    1. Kerry Washington:

     We have Kerry Washington that has one of the lovable and prettiest long bobs! This celebrity has eye grazing and mouth watering fringes that gives her an appealing and tempting look.

    2. Arizona Muse:

    Next, we have the long bobs of Arizona Muse! These bobs are up to chin along with highlights! These sun kissed highlights are giving a shimmery look and making this celeb more dramatic and seducing.

    3. Emily Blunt:

     Emily Blunt has also been ranked as one of the top 10 prettiest and loveliest celeb long bobs! This celeb has a sleek cut that has been streamlined with extreme perfection.

    4. Jennifer Lawrence:

    Jennifer Lawrence has spritz hair! She has a textured and beachy bob hairstyle that makes her one of the promising celebs with best hair style.

    5. Amy Adams:

     Amy Adams has voluminous waves and her look is ultra glamorous and ultra gorgeous in this bob hairstyle.

    6. Marion Cotillard:

     Marion Cotillard has a slicked back along with curled under bob hair style! You will notice that this celeb looks extra graceful and sophisticated in this hair style.

    7. Michelle Obama:

    Michelle Obama is famous for her layered bob and bangs!

    8. Naomi Watts:

    Naomi Watts has an angled bob look hairstyle and she looks like a ultrachic having platinum blonde color on her hairs!

    9. Nora Zehetner:

    Nora Zehetner has vintage inspired waves and this sort of wavy hair style makes her as one of the outstanding celebs having perfect hairstyle.

    10. Sophia Coppola:

     Sophia Coppola has soft and shoulder-length bobs!


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