Trendy Butterfly Nails Art Pattern For All Time

Trendy Butterfly Nails Art Pattern for All time

Trendy Butterfly Nails Art Pattern

Girls beautify her hands with henna and trendy nail arts. Nail stickers, nail polish and design machines are frequently available in the markets that will help you make modern nail arts like butterfly, flowers or smileys. Beauty saloons are pioneer of this fashion. But now, every girl has keen desire to design different nails art.

Butterfly stickers can help you to create nails art. Adorable colored nail polish will enhance the look completely. You can also use glitters to give a shine to your nails. Moreover, use rhinestones for the extra embellishment of nails.

You may start with a simple design, but if you are feeling artistic and creative, you can design of your own choice and try it on. Remember that it would take some time and practice for you to get some of the designs. All that takes is diligence and dedication to complete the design on your own.

How to start off your own butterfly nail design?

This is perfect especially when you do not want to go out to nail salons and would rather save your money to painting your own nails. If you are up for it and you feel that you can do a good job on the butterfly nail design then do not hesitate.

To start off with a simple butterfly design, here is what you could try to do:

    1. Apply your desired base color of nail polish.
    2. Add a white French tip (or not if you want the butterfly design alone).
    3. With another color of your choice draw a thin curve for the body of the butterfly.
    4. With another polish draw two wings on the curve, one on top and the other on the bottom.
    5. Then proceed to add details on the wings, you can outline the wings with another polish and add small dots on top of the inner wings as well.
    6. Let the nail polish dry before applying the top clear coat to protect the design.

For any party or function,  you can try some of these flawless butterfly nail art given below. Just take a look!

Hope you have liked these butterfly nails art. Give your feedback below.



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