Try Fuss Free Hairstyles for the New Moms

    Fuss Free Hairstyles Pixie Cut

    Your very own and new bundle of joy has just arrived and you just can’t wait to spend each and every waking moment with your cute, sweetheart baby. Everything, even your looks, go for a toss till you are ready to settle in and bounce back. The hair ends up being tied in a matronly look or a staid bun and you keep it tied because you dread your baby might tug at them or they might fall into something he/she eats and a lot of other pointless but motherly thoughts.

    New moms need fuss free hairstyles which will not require much maintenance, keep the fathers happy and will also make moms look like a stylish and very sexy multi-tasking ninja. Here are some very fuss free hairstyles for new moms. These are definitely going to make you look like a style diva in the little time you get between changing diapers. And they don’t even need maintenance, so you’ll be good to go at all times. Run a brush through your beautifully cut hair and you’ll be ready for just about anything.

    Fuss Free Hairstyles for Moms

    The Sexy Pixie Cut

    The inspiration here are the beautiful Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence. These beauties have been rocking a sexy pixie look effortlessly for some time. If you have straight or wavy hair, this fuss free hairstyles is definitely going to suit you. The hair is low maintenance, but if you can spare some time out to slap on some gel, it will look incredibly sexy and fashionable. However, if your hair is already falling after the pregnancy (some women actually face this dilemma), perhaps you should avoid this hairstyle. This is because this is a very dramatic haircut and it is definitely going to take some good time to grow back, so you should be really certain about your hair type and your decision before you opt for it. On off days, you really don’t even need a brush.

    Our tip: surf through a number of pixie haircuts online. Check out your favorite celebrities or determine the shape of your face before you try out this hairstyle.

    The Bob

    This is one of the safest and most fuss free hairstyle for new moms. You can let your hair loose, tie them up in a pony while you are with your baby or add some gel to your hair to give them a scrunch when you go out for a formal event. Bob haircuts are one of the safest ways to go short and they suit all hair types as well.

    Our tip: get good control creams to add that perfect wavy scrunch to your hair when you go out. Even though the baby has arrived, you don’t want your partner to tag along a haggard female with a baby, do you?

    The Side Fringe

    If you don’t want to go short, you can opt for a side fringe with a shoulder length haircut. This fuss free hairstyles doesn’t take your precious locks off and also give a stylish, fuss free hairstyles. If you have straight hair, this will be a brilliant choice for your hair type because it will only require you to brush it. If you happen to be in a mood to glam up and spice things up, you can brush the ends out and blow dry them for a voluminous look.

    Our tip: you can straighten your side fringe so that you get that perfect fall and texture. You can also use some good quality conditioner to give your hair that extra bounce which looks lovely with shoulder length hair complimented by a side fringe.

    Soft Layers

    This is again a very baby-friendly and fuss free hairstyles. You can get some soft layers in your long tresses and leave them open if you want to. Don’t go for short layers or fringes as it will constantly fall on your face. You can use colorful bobby pins and clips to keep the hair off your face. A ponytail is a good idea at home but not when you decide to go out.

    Our tip: only opt for soft layers if you have soft, no-frizz hair. If you otherwise want to sport this hairstyle, it’s going to require some maintenance and you might not be able to give the attention needed with the baby around.

    Ponytails and Braids

    If you love your long hair and don’t want to lose the length, opt for braids and ponytails like Lauren Conrad.  Collect all your hair together and tie a loose braid, leaving the naturally falling strands in their place. This hairstyle looks great when you are out for a brunch with your friends or you have planned a fun night out with the baby and hubby for a change.

    Our tip: check out hair tutorials online to learn how to tie various types of braids.


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