Tutorial: How To Create Messy French Side Hairstyle

    Tutorial: How To Create Messy French Side Hairstyle

    Do you want to give messy look to your hairs? Do you want to have a messy French side? Well, if yes, then in this piece of writing, I will be telling you a simplest method that will guide you as how to do messy French side hairstyle! Go through the below written steps and get this hair look right now.

    Messy French Side Hairstyle Steps

    1. First wash up your hair properly so that you may get a perfect messy French side!
    2. Start teasing your hair around the crown.
    3. Now run your fingers lightly through your hairs so that they may start giving a messy look. If you want to have a thick messy and big look then you can make use of hair extensions too!
    4. Divide your hair into two sections. Now pull a small strand out of the outside of the very first section and move it to the back side of the second section. Now pull the other strand outside the other section and place it under that section you have used first.
    5. It is better to have smaller strands; they will give you a cooler look! Make sure that you make the strands in a tighter way and manner; this will give you a controlled messy look.
    6. As soon as the plaiting is done, hold the tip of the plait with your left hand while teasing the plait in an upward position.
    7. Start loosening up the plaits and get the messy look you want.

    This is all from our side! We are sure that you will find this method easier. Try out this tutorial yourself and let us know your feedback in comment box that whether you have find this tutorial easy or not!

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