Different Types of Party Makeup You Ought to Try

    Rock N' Roll Edgy Party Makeup You Ought To Try

    Party Makeup

    There are a lot of different themes a party can be held on and because you are the ultramodern chic girl, you should be made up in exactly the same theme the party calls for. Getting ready for a party calls for different kind of makeup. Of course, party makeup should be different from your everyday regular makeup regime as only then it will amp up your look.

    Here are a few different types of party makeup that you can try out and take that party by a storm with your presence.

    Rock N’ Roll

    If you are attending a party with a Rock N’ Roll theme, then perhaps you need to go for the heavy-metal, edgy party makeup. For this, you will need to use metallic color tones on your eyes and preferably a light blush. For making dramatic eyes, cream eye shadows are recommended and it’s great if you use your ring finger to apply them on the delicate skin of your eyes.

    You will, however, need to perfect the foundation before you apply eye shadow. Use a lighter color foundation and blend it perfectly to create the perfect looking blemish free complexion. Contour your face using lowlights and highlights as needed and then move onto the makeup part.

    Use your finger to apply the cream eye shadow from your lash line to your brow bone while smudging it along your lower lid as well. This will give your eye a very edgy and smoky look. Connect the color on the inside of the eye with the top and bottom lid and then use black eyeliner to trace the outer halves of both the upper and lower lash lines. Make sure you connect them using a V shape on the edges. Smudge the liner using a cotton swab everywhere except the corner of your eyes and then apply two coats of mascara to finish the look. Don’t create spider lashes but apply the mascara evenly. Follow up with a light blush and dark lips of the color of your choice.

    A night event

    If you happen to be attending a night event and want to try a hot party makeup, then you should think about sporting wine colored lips. After you are done contouring and structuring the base of your makeup, always trace the line of the lips with any nude colored lip liner and then fill in the bold color you want. You should always go for a satin finished lipstick and then layer on colorless gloss for extra shine. Matte lipsticks in dark colors make lips look smaller and you would never want that, would you? If you want your lips to stand out and keep the rest of the face soft, you should go for beautiful skin. Use a good primer before you apply foundation and keep the rest of the look soft. Also, don’t forget to brush up your brows at an angle.

    Fancy dress

    This is a party where you can try the classic red lips look. You can opt for shades which compliment your skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone, then go for cherry red. For a warmer skin tone brick red color would do best. Primp up your skin before you work on your lips. Use a good quality primer and then apply foundation to create a perfect looking complexion. Don’t forget to blend perfectly.

    For your lips, use a good lip primer to hold your lipstick in place. Apply your color and then edge it down it the matching lip liner. If you are opting for this vixen type look, make sure you keep the rest of your makeup minimal. You can complement the look by applying a nude blush and black eyeliner with mascara. You don’t want to look overdone, just smoking hot and that’s how you can do it.

    No matter what party makeup you choose for your look, always make sure you have great and neatly shaped eyebrows to frame your face. If you don’t have the natural arch, use a brow pencil in short strokes to give your eyes that much needed arch. Applying the pencil in short strokes will make you avoid that drawn on look. Also follow the natural direction of your hair growth. Use a matching powder color with an angled brush to give them a fuller look.

    Also, keep in mind that if you are keeping your eyes or your lips dark, add a light pink flush to your skin. This will give you a very soft and sweet look and will complement the dark lips or eyes that you have created. Try out party makeup which you like and then wear it with confidence on that big night. Remember to have fun with your party makeup. Use it to enhance your natural beauty and not cover up!


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