Upside Down Braid: The Perfect Top Knot Style For Shorter Hairs

Upside Down Braid: The Perfect Top Knot Style For Shorter Hairs

The Perfect Top Knot Style For Shorter Hair

The upside down braid is a beautiful and intricate look for all sort of hair lengths. Messy bun or top knot with shorter hairs serves as an additional purpose. It helps to combine all the shorties into a high ponytail! You can do it all the time with your bob cut hairs. See the video below:

The Upside Down Braid

This is an updated version of upside down braid tutorial that features a more messy bun. Perfect when you are rushing outdoor. It requires a bit of practice to get just right.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Part of the top section of your hair by gliding your fingers diagonally upwards from the back of your ears to the top of your crown, secure that section with a clip for now.
  2. Part the lower section roughly down the middle, this will make it easier to add in hair into the braid.
  3. Now  part a small triangular section at the nape of you neck, the tip should point upwards. Divide it into three strands.
  4. Start crossing the outer strands under the middle one.
  5. Start adding in hair from the sides into the outer strands before you cross under. When adding in new sections, make diagonal partings following your triangular guide. You don’t have to be so exact, but adding your sections in that way will make the braid blend better with your top knot.
  6. After adding in all of the hair hanging down, braid a regular 3-strand braid a bit further and secure with a hair tie.
  7. Gather the top section in a high ponytail, right above where the braid finishes and tie everything together into a pony.
  8. Do any kind of bun or messy bun to finish it off.

Have you tried the upside down braid yet?

Or may it panics you and you have not even tried? Above mentioned classic yet popular upside down braid style will have you turning heads and winning hearts. Particularly when you have shorter hairs and you really like top knots!


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