The Venustas and the Latest Trends of Makeup


Straight through the runway, the catwalks have spoken and the hottest makeup trends are coming into the spotlight. Makeup can be tricky and for some it is like art; painting faces with color sophisticatedly. It can be interpreted in many ways and makeup artists make it happen using their impressive skills. But why do we wear makeup?

Since the start of time, women always wanted to look beautiful in any way possible. Women and makeup have a sacred relationship between them. With a huge turnover of the advancements in the makeup sector, the fashionable women of this century want to look gorgeous.

It might seem very astonishing to you if you hear what the ninth century women used to do to makeup in a form that no one could imagine. Women in that era used to drain their blood using blood sucking insects or directly to make their faces look paler as the pale face was a trend in that time. Not only that, but they also used to apply toxic chemicals like lead and mercury to their faces. Well, that were some harsh practices that women used to do to look appealing, but a sigh of relief for all 20th century women as we are provided with the easiest techniques and palettes to do our makeup. The maintenance of one’s features and the exaggeration of female’s physical traits can be done through the use of makeup.

There is a lot of awareness about makeup as a variety of cosmetic brands have come into existence. People are getting into the makeup industry, studying makeup as a major and using the information to open up their own salons to sweep women off their feet. You can see the most flattering palettes of colors used to make your features look prominent. Cosmetic products received their renaissance, which was fueled with rapid inventions and changes in fashion. Let’s talk about some of the makeup products trending nowadays:

Skin makeup

Foundations are a skin colored cosmetic used to even your skin, uniform the color of your complexion and even cover up your flaws or discoloration (concealers). You can find these in powder form which is applied with a brush, as a stick which can be directly applied to the face, or in the form of pastes or liquids which can be applied through taking an amount into your hand and directly applying it to your face. Moisturizers and creams help to nourish your skin and make you feel fresh.

Lip enhancers

Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, lip balm, lip conditioners, lip boosters and lip plumpers; all these are cosmetics used to beautify lips. They not only add color and shine to your lips, but also nourish them and make them soft. You can also find lip boosters tools which broaden and pump your lips to your desire.

Eye amplifiers

There are various products that can be used to bring your eyes to the spotlight. You can find eyeshades in different colors and apply those using brushes to give various effects to the eye. An eyeliner is used to accentuate the eyes by just applying a line of color on the lowest section of the eyelid near the eyelashes and to accompany your eyelashes you can always use mascara to thicken and to volumize them.

Cheek magnifiers

Your cheeks are a major feature which helps you frame your face. Products like blushes help your cheeks to glimmer and seem rosy, whereas contours are not only used to bring out structure in your face, but to highlight your cheeks too.

A little discussion regarding the latest makeup trends can harm no one, so let’s confer about it. Colors like orchid, lavenders and shades of lilac are invading many makeup bags. The coolest way to tackle this trend is with using these colors as eye shadow. This season, the liner has gone graphic with straight flips and angular shapes making its way back into the retro vibe. Doe-eyed 60s makeup with feathery lashes against the top and bottom eyelids looks super chic. The catwalks confirm that arch eyebrows aren’t returning, but instead blunt boyish brows are in trend this season.

From neon to coral, orange tones make loud mouths cool. The easiest way to wear bright lip color is with a chunky lip pencil outlining. With well-conditioned and evenly toned skin, you can go out with less or no makeup as it is the new trend. White eye liner looks cool and fresh too, brining in the 90s paired with hot pink lipstick. Hints of metallics and electric hues are a must-have for this year. Bright shimmers from light browns and nudes to peachey oranges are what your cheeks should carry. Stick to these trends and I bet you can sparkle in any event you go.

We are all gifted with natural beauty, but still we are drawn towards makeup because it taps to our primal urge to enhance our femininity and distinguish ourselves from others.



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