Easy Ideas To Wear Eye Makeup For Hottest Look

Easy Ideas To Wear Eye Makeup For Hottest Look

Are you planning to attend a party? Still confused that what sort of eye makeup would be the best choice? Eye makeup ideas are countless but the right one is that matches with personality and character. In this article, I have shared easy ways to wear an amazing eye makeup for hottest look.

Easy Steps To Wear Eye Makeup


The combination of peach, light pink and tea pink shades has been offering the smokey touch over the eyes. Make sure that you carry out the blending with the help of thin brush.


This second picture is highlighting the eye makeup that is finished with just one shade that is peach that is awesome for the women who have fair skin complexion. It depends a lot upon the color complexion as well.


In this third picture we have the three color shades adding with light brown, blackish and blue color tone. Firstly you need to apply the brown color over the upper eye lid as a foundation. Then you have to apply the black color shade and then blend it with the blue color shade.


The eye makeup has been blended well with shiny blue color scheme. Make sure that the colors are blend with the help of pointed brush.


In this picture, this makeup expert has come up with greenish color shade.


In this sixth picture, you have an ocean blue color scheme. You can even add the mascara in this blending as well.


In this seventh picture you will witness some sort of natural plus smokey eye makeup that is completed with the blue and brownish look. You firstly have to blend the blue shade over the upper eye lid and then mix the brown or black color shades in it.


This eight eye makeup is one of the best options for the parties. This makeup is featuring the smokey eye makeup in which the eyes are blended with light pink or tea pink eye shadow.


Ninth picture is highlighting simple eye makeup that is all evident with the dark blue coloring along with light brown ones. You even finish the eyes in attractive formations by using mascara after blending bluish and brown color shadows.


On the last and tenth, we have the eye makeup in bright pink color shades. In this makeup you have to draw thin line of pink eye shade in lower eye lid and cover the upper section in bright pink  coloring.


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