10 Winter Skin Care Tips To Balance Moisture Level

10 Winter Skin Care Tips To Balance Moisture Level

Winter season is a favorite season. Everyone loves to enjoy Coffee with their beloved in warm rooms. So, winter season basically have the romantic theme – mostly people like it. But main problem that arise in the winter is dryness and rough skin with rough complexion.

Whenever you trying to heat up yourself by heater and fire your skin will have effect of the heat and its dryness will be increased. It will damage moisture level in your skin. Balanced moisture level in your skin is very important to protect your skin and care. Due to heat and low level of moisture your skin going towards dryness. At this stage you need extra care to manage the moisturizing in better way. I will guide you to protect your skin from cracking, sore and extra dryness. Extra dry skin can be the reason of eczema.


I am going to share with you 10 best skin care regimen to pour skin and balance the moisture level.

#1. Identification Of Skin Type

You should clearly aware about your skin type. For this propose should consult the skin specialist or beauticians. They will give you complete information about your skin and some precautionary measures about your skin type. When you will analyze that which type of skin you have then it will easy for you to select the best treatment for your skin problems.

#2. Moisture Level

After identification of your skin type the next step is to get the idea about the ideal level of moisture. You should analyze the best moisture level in the normal season like autumn and spring. Your skin moisture level and routine will be change by changing the weather so be aware and update about your skin desire level and weathers condition to protect your skin well.

#3. Sun Light Protection

Not just in summer also in winter you should protect your skin from the direct rays of the sun. Heat and direct rays can damage your skin smoothness that can cause the dry and rough skin with dull complexion. So it is very important to save your skin from direct rays of the sun.

#4. Avoid Wet Socks And Gloves

In winter people usually use the gloves and socks and whose people have over heated body their wet socks and gloves can be the cause of irritation, allergy and rash so try to be clean and fresh your skin.

#5. Avoid Extra Heat

Extra heat of the heaters is not good for skin. Due to extra heat color complexion and moisture level are affected. Try to use balance heat of heaters.

#6. Maximum Use Of Water

Maximum use of water is necessary for the glow and freshness of your skin. Maximum use of water will balance your digestive system. When your internal system is balanced it will manage your moisture level in better way.

#7. Avoid To Super Hot Bath

In winter super hot bath is not good for your skin. But the strong heat of a warm shower or bath really breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can cause to a loss of moisture.

#8. Use Best Lotion

Use best moisturizing lotion after taking bath for the smooth and fresh skin. Moisturizing lotion will balance your skin moisture level in best direction.

#9. Home Remedies

In winter skin requires more care and protection so use different home remedies for your skin and moisture level for this purpose you can use the mixture of honey and lemon juice, yogurt, rose water with lemon juice and many more useful tips on regular basis for soft and glowing skin.

#10. Cleanliness

Last and extra tip is to clean your skin by washing it two times a day with effective face wash. Try to use herbal faces washes to clean your skin.

If you will follow that all tips in winter you will definitely safe from the damaged skin and dark complexion. Tour glowing skin will be your reward.


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