Most Wonderful Copper Pipe Necklace For Women

How To Make Copper Pipe Necklace In Just 5 Minutes

It is sure that during childhood, you must have made a lot of jewelry items. It has also been taken into account that young girls prefer to make homemade jewelry items, this save their money and they can make any customized jewelry pieces, they way they want to! In this pieces of writing, we will be telling you as to how to make copper pipe necklace, have a look at the below written method and try making this necklace at your home place in less span of time.

Items Needed For Copper Pipe Necklace:

  • 1.A copper elbow
  • 2. A rose gold or copper chain
  • 3. Necklace clasps
  • 4. Plier

Method to make copper pipe necklace:

What you need to is that cut down the rose gold or copper chain according to your desired length. Start adding the clasps into that copper chain. You can add these clasps with the help of copper piece. It is a simple 5 minute procedure. Inserting clasps into that copper chain and twist them up with the help of some hook. You are all good to go now! In only 5 minutes, you will be having perfectly made copper pipe necklace. You can also make an addition of certain colorful beads into this necklace. Try out this method at your home place and let us know that whether you have successful make this copper pipe necklace or not!


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